Mac Miller – Stopped Making Excuses (Documentary)

Mac Miller – Stopped Making Excuses “I’m probably going to cry a few times through the course of this thing,” Mac Miller says in the first scene of Stopped Making …


  1. "I need to get another drug that was a little more numbing if you will" – bam that's what spiraled my year long meth addiction. I'm off now thanks to greater things than I. Rest in love Mac.

  2. fucking hell, I used to not like his music till i acullaly listen to his music after my brother said he died… bruh I haven't seen a real artist in my life. this makes me mad at myself that I never felt the excitement of a new album coming out and shit. you people know that feeling.

  3. Who else poured out some drink and lit one up for ya boy Easy Mac?! RIP MAC MILLER.. as I write this, I’m watching this interview, smoking a little something and listening to WEEEKEND, one of my favorite tracks by the boy…

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