Legal Recreational Grow Show

Harvesting cannabis thru out the season. Growing cannabis using live organics, no-till style. Check out the links below for quality merchandise at affordable …


  1. Hay chef B you are the best I sure I speak for everyone when I say we are all behind you . Kick the living crap outta that crap you have the best attitude ever and that helps . Never give up . Take care.

  2. Looking good Chef—keep up the good work! Thanks for another informative video; Garden bed is a great idea.

    When I see the plume in the west, I’ll know your stand is up and running. Just FYI, From my experience, edible consumption reduced the amount I wanted to smoke.

    All the best to you and yours! ACMPR nano-grower in YEG.

  3. When juicing… you get high fibre in banana, as its one food babies at 6 months should NOT eat as it constipates them over all over foods. Hate banana though so I leave it out of my juice recipes. Check out Joe Cross' website/books for juices that are high in fibre.

  4. Chef, Was not cool to hear that you got Busted , But was Nice to Hear some Stories that you were talking about in the Video.. What is the NAME of the Soil ? I had went on their Web. Page and only saw a Lawn Soil and a Veg. Soil. is there more or is one of them the soil that you are Using. O and one more thing, I have been watching you now for some years now and was thinking about back in the day i thought that you LIVE there as you filmed cooking in the Kitchen , Now that i sit and watch you now , Do still live there or is it just for Cannabis? Sorry to be asking Personal info just Curious… lol Thank you So Very Much Chef & Dope Boi !!!!!!

  5. I'm glad you have stopped smoking completely and please stay that way. Vape instead. We care about you and want you to be healthy. Smoking weed or tobacco is bad for your lungs. namaste

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