Jock Horror Auto final weight, and look at plants 4 & 5 the day they came down.

Here are the final weights after removing a little botrytis (grey mould) on the plants. Plant #2 had no mould removed. I included a few pics I had of plants 4 & 5 …


  1. @westcoastcroppers cool home text kits. I need to look into that. I know my wred good cos it sits all my bros who are all hardcore smokers , on they ass😉👊👊💪💯 but broad range is sweet as. All lookn in 16-20 at least cool vid brov.

  2. Decent potency but still quite surprised at very low yields. Not a criticism mate, I would just expect much higher yields. Our outdoor Dutch Passion autos this year were averaging about 110 grams final dry weight, on only £5 basic organic fertlizer the whole grow in
    UK too. Enjoy that smoke it looks very nice and looking forward to your next video best wishes man.

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