How To Know If Your CBD Is Fake!

What’s worse than spending your hard-earned cash on a fake product? You have to be careful when it comes to buying CBD. A recent study which tested over …


  1. Why is it that I find too much terpenes let’s say over 0.8% total I get little to no effects whereas when I try a product with low terpenes about 0.01% I find it works WAY better? Am I sensitive to terpenes or is it because terpenes allow a lot of cannabinoids to be used so I could be sensitive to the cannabinoids which is why lower terpenes profiles work best for me but I also found just recently that isolated work but the effects are not what I am looking for and I know I can get better effects because I’ve experienced them multiple times with another product. Need your wisdom cbd guru

  2. Is Hempura good quality theres great reviews on them but it is from EU industrial hemp the liquid aint full dark though, its got good reviews on marijuanabreak and trustpilot want to make sure using good but on a budget, im going to be trying provacan soon its made from israeli hemp, is there really much difference as i get lab reports for each batch with hempura, also I thought the product was going to be crap as its a one drop equal 2.5mg cbd i ended up taking 15drops with my other cbd products and i felt drowsy, lethagic is this side effects off too much

  3. Good info, but this video could have been 10 minutes shorter. Getting to the point will help many more people, because as you know if you pay attention to analytics, the average viewer is not going to sit through a 15 minute video. If you're going to make long, drawn out videos, at least have the courtesy to time stamp it so people can get to the point and save time.

  4. Just bought "full spectrum" cbd oil. Became immediately suspicous from the lack of smell or taste. As it was my first purchase Im unsure but from my reading it should should have a earthly taste to it(chlorophyl/terpene). I read cbd isolate can be flavorless

  5. I suffer from debilitating, chronic intractable pain. I’m 64 yrs old. I’m going broke trying brands. Any recommendations/experience with the highest CBD, purest, lowest cost per mil ? I need help.

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