How an enlightened approach to “illegal” drugs will revolutionize medicine and science

With David Nutt. For more science visit Why are some drugs illegal and some not? How do psychedelics and MDMA affect the …


  1. Thank you very much for posting this very informative and much needed talk.
    And another thing I noticed over the years. Those that are afraid of drugs are often scared by their own minds like some religious people believe you will go out and murder everyone if you don't believe in god, especially their own…

  2. I switched to some "soft" illegal drugs because the legal ones were making my life so miserable. I also follow a successful anti-inflammatory (beats cortisone) diet BTW and can now exercise, which I could never get to do on opioids+cortisone+anti-depressants.
    This is personal experience and should really not be taken as general advice.
    The important thing is to be able to enjoy Life every now and then 🙂

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