1. All the retards in the comments saying β€œit’s just a plant why is he going to jail” even in a legal state that would be jail time it’s 3lbs which even in most legal states you’d get in trouble.

  2. There's nothing funny about these videos, stupid title! Also, tbat dog is horribly trained, idiot handler, there's no reason for a dog go bite the suspect so viciously she wasn't even resisting or fighting once she was found.

  3. Why do people think they need guns? They are fine to have for sports or hunting, but if you just have them in your pockets, whats the point? Especially if you are not allowed to have the gun and its stolen.

  4. I'd love to have that bag of weed! Too bad weed doesn't get you high after 3-5 days of smoking it. I mean you need to change it up with a different strain. Keep smoking the same thing constantly, and it won't effect you any longer.

  5. This trooper is so fucking cool. Every video I see with him he’s cool and collected. Smooth dude. Straight bullshit though a felony over 3 pounds of a fucking plant.

  6. I know that the cop in the 1st clip said at the end he was going to charge the man with the 3 lbs. which is a felony in Utah he earlier said, but he was willing to let him go free with less than an ounce and that's illegal. He should have been charged with that too.

  7. Well this is totally screwed up and back asswards! That man had 3 lbs. of marijuana in his truck and even when he said he had a ounce the cop was going to let him go. Meanwhile. 4 months ago I got a ticket for my car about to break down and having the flashers on and then got falsely accused of driving in the left lane when I was in the right lane. Cop said I had to go to court. The cop knows I was in the right lane and even though they're trying to make it against the law to drive in the left lane, until it's officially posted on the highways, it isn't illegal. My town mainly drives in the left lane all the time anyway. The cop that pulled me over and ticketed me was just being an ass and looking for somebody to harrass and ticket unlawfully and he chose me.

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