Father Regains Custody After Treating Daughter With Medical Marijuana

A father in the state of Texas nearly had his daughter taken away from him because he treated his daughter with medical marijuana. The daughter, who was …


  1. I know of a local woman who had 40 seizures a day and is using CBD, she is good to go. I know another woman who suffers from seizures, when she was pregnant her neurologist told her she would be better off with cannabis than taking the meds he had to give her for her baby's sake, I know a woman who's Lupus symptoms are vastly reduced due to CBD oil, I know a young girl who has severe panic attacks and anxiety who uses CBD and is free of it, I know of a local woman who went from doctor to doctor for a tic she had and ended up finding CBD and is tic free, a girl I know had blinding migraines and they are under control with CBD, and the list goes on and on and on. Read about similar experiences at http://www.KoiCBD.com/Stories and read about the science at http://www.ProjectCBD.org

  2. I've had epilepsy for 60 years. Pharmaceuticals provided little relief, and side effects included osteoporosis and losing my teeth. I had 2 or 3 seizures per week, but they were violent and severe, breaking bones (most recently, my jaw and skull), causing gashes that required stitches, and more concussions than I can count. In the last 2 years 9 months, I've been using cannabis, and I've had 2 seizures, both so mild that I was fully recovered in minutes.
    I also suffer from bipolar disorder, and the depression was so severe that I was completely incapacitated. My mother said I was a depressed kindergartener. The past 2 3/4 years have been completely depression-free.
    I was born with a deformed vertabrae in my lower back, causing 3 discs to be completely crushed. The pain has been horrendous, and I took codeine for nearly 40 years. I've progressed to morphine, but since starting cannabis, I've cut the dosage of opiates in half, and every two weeks I stop it for 2 days for 2 reasons: One is to prove to myself that I'm not going to have withdrawal symptoms, and Two is to make sure I'm getting the most benefit from its pain relief. I couldn't do that before.
    Cannabis is my miracle; it's given me my life back. I can't help but wonder what my life could've been if I'd had access when these problems were new. I'm 65, and I've been reborn.

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