DL Hughley: You Can Be Named “Barack” if You Graduated Harvard, Not DeVry (Part 5)

Watch Part 4: Watch Part 1: ——————— In this clip, D.L. Hughley and Vlad discuss the politics behind “ethnic” …


  1. Fuck that BS…I refuse to bow down…to this racist ass system…because of my heritage…my kids have BLACK names…and they're gonna be successful regardless!!…this conversation is BS…and seriously pisses me off

  2. Idc what society says. I'm naming my kids whatever my husband and I want to name our kids. I'm not naming them so society will think that aren't black. Newsflash they will be! And if a job or school doesn't want my kid based on a name, then good! I don't want them at a place that would judge them based on a name anyway. That's exactly how I feel about myself. I'm teaching my kids to make their own wealth so they don't ever have to worry about a name being an issue cuz they're not looking to work for someone. Btw most job applications ask for race anyway, so they'll no we're black anyway and if I don't answer the race, they'll probably assume it's a person of color regardless.

  3. My mom named me Pamela, and my sisters names are Amanda and Toni and we are African American/Black. She told me specifically that her and my dad did this on purpose for our future. My husbands name is Brent (who is also black) and his siblings name are Carmen, Greg and Susan. What D.L is saying is true, I am now pregnant with my daughter and my and my husband are choosing a name that will benefit her future not hinder it. I am sorry but as a black person living in America, you have to be mindful of what you name your children.

  4. This is called succumbing to racism. You can do this if you want OR you could teach your child to open their own business, control their income and hire their own people regardless of what their name is. You can also send your children to HBCU’s where people won’t judge them by their damn name. I get it and I heard it growing up but now that I know what it is I despise the very idea of giving my child a Eurocentric name to appease racist employees who won’t give them and interview because their name sounds “ethnic”. Why in the hell am I sending my child to work for racist or people with implicit biases so they can be mistreated? Because working for white People is better than starting their own company or working for their own people? Nope. I’m good on that. I’ll give my children names that resonate with their culture.

  5. It is so true…I hated my name growing up. In the late 70's early 80's people would be shocked when they would call my name in school and see a black girl raise her hand. It read the expression on their face like "oh! I want expecting you to answer"

  6. So we don't have a problem with names like LBJ and Shaquille on the court, but we have a problem with those names in the work place, but in about 3 weeks, well celebrate MLK day and we'll pretend to maintain his ideals about prejudging people. 50% of the people watching this video go to a doctor who's name they can barely pronounce. I remember Kunta Kinte took an ass beaten to keep his ethnic name during slavery, because it was a problem to have someone named Kunta Kinte in the workplace, but's black people that always want to bring up slavery. Seems like it's not only black people that can't let slavery go

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