Couple loses custody of son after giving him marijuana for seizures

A Georgia couple, who says they gave their son marijuana to treat his seizures, is fighting to regain custody of him. The state took custody of Matthew and …


  1. Come on over to Seattle. We don't have barbaric laws here. Marijuana has helped with epilepsy – that is a FACT. The rest of the country needs to catch up. Marijuana is not the devil. Hope this couple gets an amazing lawyer – and then it's time to get your son and MOVE.

  2. Cops or what ever you want to call it are trying to take kids left and right and they are trying to meet quotas to keep the gov pay check they are even subing out work. It's time for WAR!!!!

  3. So this boy is having to endure success reversal and the torturous imposed return of all that seizing he was relieved from and also stolen critical fam relations. Tobacco country!? Damn, some kind of child torture proponents in that state gov needs a boot!

  4. We lost a young man in our HS to seizures back in the day, many years ago. If we knew then what we know now he would have made it, and if we had CBD no one would have lost custody of anyone. Hebrew University is presently doing clinical trials with CBD for asthma and autism. They may be using teeny amounts of THC so the gods of law in the U.S. would still have a coronary.

  5. Healthcare is the sorcery of Babylon.Seiures,like every single disorder is a demonic spirit.Read the book of Enoch.Audio version on youtube.See trey Smith`s video on the Nephilim.Read the book of Acts,king james version.If you read the symptoms of someone with an unclean spirit in the bible,it mimics someone with seziures,which is common in autism.How did our kids get demons?From the sins of their own ancestors.The so called Christian Nations are the Northern KIngdom of Israel,whom God divorced and sent out of his sight and scattered them.WHY?For false godworship,sacrafising to false gods,idolatry,being into the occult.This the Northern ingdom of Israel is still doing to this very day.The majority.Pot does not expel demons,They only come out in the name of Jesus,by a true believer,or God himself delivers his people.The brunt of generational curses,coming down on the final generations.See the video deliverance from autism by Brother Carlos.See autism deliverance videos by Kay Boachie,see the video routing demons by JOhn eChardt,see the video The Testament of Solomon,see the video The Fragmented soul by Winn Worley,See other videos by Winn Worley,John EChardt and Derek Prince.

  6. So when they find a solution for their sick son, a group of uninformed, outdated, unrealistic people against something that clearly helps came and made things worse for all. How is that the right thing to do? Why are people subject to jail or termination of employment because of lies people were told to believe that are KNOWN to be false. Cannabis saves lives. Hemp will revolutionize so much. People need endocannabanoid education. One day.

  7. Sad…A Dr told me hemp oil stops seizures in both adults and children. The USA needs to grow up and crawl out of the dark ages! Jesus Christ and the 12 Apostles even burned marijuana in the the corners of the room during the last supper.
    I don’t use marijuana or street drugs, but as an intelligent adult, I believe everyone in this country should have the right to choose the medical benefits of this ancient medicinal plant!
    “Legalize it nation wide!
    Alcohol is a more dangerous drug!

  8. This only reinforces why it should be legal. Using it to treat seizures is a completely acceptable treatment. It would be reckless to not treat him and just leave him to his potentially self-harming seizures.

  9. Taking custody of the son was messed up. If he’s having seizures that’s ruining his life and marijuana helps that, then of course he should be able to use marijuana. It’s so hard to find the right medication sometimes, and the fact that they found a plant that worked so well is amazing!!! I hope that someone can help them relocate to Colorado or California if the family wants to.
    Of course marijuana isn’t good for teens in general because it may reduce their potential IQ score, but how much does that matter if you’re having seizures 50 times a week?

  10. Seizures are no joke and personally, i know how ineffective pills can be and how terrible the side effects can be… Tbh smoking is the only thing that helped me too. I feel bad for them bcuz thats a " head or heart choice". Giving your son some damn relief at a cost of losing him..

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