1. I finally got my card! Went a little crazy at the dispensary and got a little bit of everything in all forms. Any strains you would recommend for pain? I have a lot of everything-degenerative arthritis, osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, chronic inflammation and chronic pain. Plus something that they can’t quite figure out. I’d appreciate any advice you can give me! The dispensary is insanely expensive so I’m trying to make every penny count.

    For some reason the only ads that I get when I watch videos on your channel are for rehab facilities…

    I quit taking Norcos because I became addicted to them. Only I knew it and I hated who I had become. Volatile and drug dependent. I quit cold turkey and started medicating with marijuana. Best decision I have ever, ever made in my life. Have a great night Bev!

  2. I am doing auto this winter indoors. Under lights. Using a strain designed for sask climate. Called Prairie skunk comes from Russia.

    This fall I plan on making some soap with some infused oil. Have you ever tried making soap?

  3. I've had crohn's disease for 30yrs. Canna-butter has saved me from losing sections of my bowel. I haven't seen my GI for over 10yrs now. Keep doing what you're doing, Bev.. or even report on a few dis-eases that cannabis has been proven to help. I'm sure many will benefit xx

  4. Bev, I just started watching your "our half acer homestead " AND with your latest video I found this channel! So, so happy. I currently live in southern California, we will be moving to Arizona soon. When I get my own homestead there I will be growing.

  5. Bev, I saw your comments over on your ourhalfacrehomestead's channel about the up and coming legalization of recreational marijuana. Here at our local medical marijuana apothocaries, they sell a THC/CBD salve at $100.00 for 90 grams. It is marvelous and miraculous on muscle and soft tissue pain. Not good on joint or arthritis. Have you ever thought of developing such a salve? It is grease~less and soothing. It sinks in immediately and the pain is gone within a minute, I swear this is true. I didn't believe in it and wasn't motivated to pay such a price until a cousin of mine made me take some to apply. It is a Godsend. Unfortunately, my local State does not still allow THC edibles and I cannot smoke pot as I am an asthmatic. I do vape on occasion but the vape cartridges that they sell here are awful and crystalize themselves to a useless form after using only half the vape oil. But I had no idea that THC would absorb through the skin as well as it did. I was amazed. If you developed a cream or lotion, it might help locally intermittently between smoking and consuming THC edibles.

  6. I agree 100%. I think society has brainwashed us for years that marijuana makes people do and say crazy dangerous things. In reality people don’t go out and commit crime and kill people. Instead they’re calm and have a major munchie attack. I believe alcohol to be the more dangerous drug.
    I watched a couple of old tv shows from the 60’s era and those were a prime example of brainwashing people into believing natural growing herbs to be extremely dangerous without any evidence to back it up.
    I will follow your channel to wherever you take it. I’ve learned so much on how to manage my pain.

  7. Hun, just get your MAN to hack your LED.
    Very cheap and actually easy. Plus LED’s last a very long time, they have come along way. HLG 550, and or the Optic 8. Both around 500 watts at the wall, & can easily replace a 1000 watt HPS. ( Just a thought )
    Cheers. Love the channel.

  8. I really wish that my wife could use medicinal canabis. We live in Texas. She suffers with severe spinal disc degenerative disease and is in constant pain. She has recently started using high grade CBD Oil and it is working quite well.

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