China Mac: Shotti Thinks He’s a Black John Gotti with “We Don’t Break” Statement (Part 7)

Watch Part 6: Watch Part 1: ——————— China Mac spoke to VladTV about Tekashi 6ix9ine’s ex-manager Shotti …


  1. Love how Hip Hop is touching everyone all over. Hip Hop is an art form that's appealing and the racists who mock it do so because they think everything good belongs to them and other people can't have sh#''!

  2. The energy you put in the universe is the energy you get back-China Mac

    You know me and the universe go way back. The universe was on vladtv. He said it’s not like that. I got him on camera.-Vlad

  3. Y'all gotta keep in mind that Vlad doesn't know shit about the streets. Shotti was talking to 69. Not the judge. Nobody would dare the feds to break them. He wanted to remind 69 who he is supposed to be.

  4. I got nothing but respect for China Mac, like Boosie , he speaks pure facts and chooses his words carefully.
    A lot of these young ones could learn from him (in a good way)

  5. I was not familiar with China Mac until I started watching these Vlad interviews. He is a very interesting person. Comes across very genuine, not trying to be something he's not, humble and I wish him the best. It was a good interview.

  6. Not how "fast you complete the Race".Mac….its IF YOU WIN THE RACE..
    the tortoise an the hare fairytale..Rabbit started off fast..taunted the turtle all through the race…turtle ignored him..stayed on his grind..Rabbit was playin with the Honeys on the sidelines…an when the rabbit looked up the Turtle was crossing the finish the Rabbit was to far back to catch up….he got left in the Dust…..LMAO

  7. Bottom line you reap what you sow…69 said what he an when he wanted an made a TON of enemys…He will neva know what direction all his karma is coming from.he was fillayed,sautayed,an parlaid..He beleaved his own press clippings…He was primed by the label to to do an interview..the first interviews were..ah I I I…he was totally ignorant..failed his G.E.D the courts made him take it over…duh!He had marketing genius…a team got his teeth to do interviews….label spend a ton of $$$$on him..he was the cash cow!!an he followed it….pumped it up an put his SUCK MY DICK..Test my GANGSTA phrase to all he aimed it at…..Disrepect aint neva been cool…He's Just a bklyn Hispanic kid from bklyn….on his own havin to serve time…No more no less at less.At least he will have some bucks when he get out…(after the Lawyers)Jus like China mac he will have mad wisdom when he gets out.Hes a hardhead…Conspiracy cases are a dime a dozen…my mother said 2 things I will always remember come in this world ALONE and you leave ALONE.
    2.You find out who your friends are when your Sick or in Jail….FACTS.

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