Cannabis Farmers Market defies “Legalization” in Vancouver

Midwinter Market 2018 – Robson Square, Vancouver BC Canada – December 21st 2018 Why isn’t growing and selling cannabis amongst other consenting …


  1. The chemical companies are gonna ryun any chance of a free market. Once everyone is dependent on the bottle they will say it is not safe to let anyone grow it unless they pay a huge amount of money, jump through a hundred and fifty hoops, or are a corporation. People think they are scientists and master growers using petrol chemicals to maximize yields instead of maximizing the soil life and minerals. It will be a poison with little to no medical efficacy or you will all be wearing the dunce hat crying your eyes out. I give up. I am not going to lose what is left of my mind trying to warn people who only want to attack me. I just want to make sure you hear it before I do.

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