Aurora Cannabis Inc. (OTCQX: ACBFF) (TSX: ACB) Announces Results for the Fourth Quarter and 2018 FY

Aurora Cannabis Inc. Announces Results for the Fourth Quarter and 2018 Fiscal Year – RICH TV LIVE – September 24, 2018 – “Aurora made substantial progress …


  1. Ok, I need help. I don't know anything about stocks. I'm just starting. I think I got the wrong Aurora stock? I got the ACBFF not the ACB PLEASE HELP 🙁

  2. Still currently overvalued by the quater,need closer to $100million per quarter to justify share price currently.Trading over a 100 plus times earnings …..12billion market ….next year this time things will be way more clear who the winners and losers are………

  3. A lot of people are actually disappointed in this results. BUT NOT ME. I love it. They just officially became the best MJ stock. They used to spend a lot of money getting that revenue but not anymore – 74% Gross margin – I MEAN WHAT?! I can't even type anymore.

  4. I bought Aurora around $6 and just before I watched this video I bout 6,000 shares at $12 a share. It’s high but I know Aurora will go higher from the NYSE and if they land that deal with Coca Cola we’ll all be crying tears of joy.

  5. 223% growth in revenue. Who else is pulling those kind of numbers? Answer: Nobody outside this sector, thats who. Up 50% since I bought this a month ago and Im not planning on selling till next spring.

  6. when people realize at 150 dollars a share what they missed 500 is possible.the usa is so behind on this nobody will compete with these companys.this is bigger than people realize,

  7. this is big  woooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Tilray 300 ha hahaahahah canopy 52 hahahah.the biggest producer in world.weed will be in everything go aurora. there will be many millioners soon.acbff 300 before listing possible.

  8. Your the man bro. Tilray had an awful end but i agree in seeing aurora explode tomorrow. im projecting it goes to about 13-14$. and btw only legends get in at 1.50 i got in aurora at 7.93 and only able to get 10 shares because robinhood dropped it that day. but these 10 shares will do magic. lets keep winning!

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