[138] Why Worker Power Isn’t Growing w/ Prof. Richard Wolff and Tan Liu

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  1. I always said that Islam was the largest most damaging confidence trick known to mankind ,,,, But thinking about it I realise that there is another massive sting on the world ,,,, The World Banking System … Psychopathic scum happy to swell their bank accounts on the suffering of millions … who it seems via our corrupt governments, are using Islam to scatter us into chaos …

  2. The unaccounted money is for reverse engineered ET craft. Life beyond earth is not a secret because of the shattering of religious beliefs, its a secret because its technology that is so advanced it would make any person independent of any government if they acquired any of it. Our entire reality would change.

  3. A remedy for u an me? Let's ponder what will be! Future generations what will they see? The Jobs of Past are gone at last! Everything has been automated!! It happened so fast! This poor population grew and grew! Clue!! Those left working Paying bills!! Just the thought gives me chills!! We built houses, cars and jars !! Under this Flag with Stars and Bars!! A Great Nation Land of the Free??? The dreams of my parents for all of Yee! Did they look with future sight?? All wrongs been done!! Must be set Right!!

  4. Who actually owns most of this stock? Who is buying this rigged rebound? I'm in a retirement area…not me, I'm 71 and it ain't me, babe…but coastal areas are full of them behind their big gates and golf. Times past that class did some good culturally and with charities, but now they are hipsters with no taste. Before you come with the pitchforks, remember many of our best died in Nam and many of us live modestly helping our families.

  5. Wolff is right. Some aren't looking for jobs not only because there are no meaningful jobs but because they realize the system itself is failing and irrevocably flawed. Capitalism's past successes hinged on making people think their jobs put meaning and purpose in their lives. That now is coming to a close. It can no longer sustain this illusion. Capitalism is dying.

  6. "We're being suppressed by major social media platforms. "

    Please you and Alex Jones..LOL

    Why don't you give up all the perks you are getting from the Russian Government and then we'll discus how suppressed you are 😀

  7. I always look forward to listening to Richard Wolff. He's a brilliant economist who gives us a truckload of food for thought. Unfortunately, the conversation usually breaks down quickly whenever we attempt a rational discourse about economic systems. This derives from false beliefs, social conditioning, and the inability to use accurate terminology. While most of us would agree that the prevalent system in the U.S. is capitalism, it's actually some sort of dysfunctional hybrid. Most Americans, in their minds, associate capitalism with patriotism and other positive values. But that's just a rationalization. It's like, capitalism is a great system, unless you consider ______, ______, or ______. (Fill in the blanks.) Many people believe that capitalism works, but what we have now is some sort of end-game predatory capitalism. However, the current iteration of capitalism has been "baked in the cake" for a long time now. Decades ago, things were much better, but given time and greed, corporations consolidated their power, resulting in declining wages & benefits for the masses. Here in the U.S., we now have the most disproportionate income distribution in the history of nations. It's a sick joke! By the way, at one point in our recent past, it was illegal for CEO's to buy back large blocks of their own shares to inflate the stock value. But not anymore! And how about pure socialism, a system in which the workers collectively own and control the tools of production? Great idea, but such a system has never existed to date in any country of the world. However, what DOES work is workers cooperatives. They already operate successfully in many countries, they are efficient, and they put the workers/owners in control. This isn't a panacea, but it IS a way forward.

  8. I run into conservatives who think I'm treanonous for watching RT America. You know I don't know about you but as a critical thinker I think it's a really bad idea to get your news and information from sources that are essentially funded by the government of the country you live in Or for that matter Billionaires and huge corporations in the society you reside in. They will have a responsibility to their advertisers and never say anything that offends them. #

  9. I generally like Wolff's commentary, but I must disagree with him when he says Obama doesn't have anything to be ashamed of. He let those WS shitters off and gave them rewards. It's one thing to let them off with no punishment, but to reward them also? No fucking way. And then allow the masses to lose their homes, jobs, etc. which helped make the homelessness in america problem much worse than it already was. Come on, Wolff. There was no bureaucracy when letting WS/big banks off the hook and giving them rewards when those shitters were partly responsible for the housing/economic crisis problem in the first place. Furthermore, besides this travesty of justice he has way more to be ashamed of. He is a war criminal that should be in prison and hanged for his war crimes, crimes against humanity, violation of int'l laws, etc. I don't even need to list anymore. This is enough to be ashamed of.

    Please, don't make commentary like that again, sir. It may lead me to view you in an unfavorable light.

  10. "But if we provide childcare for our young ppl, then all the mexican illegals will come flying over the walls. Therefore, no social program is good for America." said a typical American idiot.

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