1. I eat avocados everyday and remain very healthy! You on the other look anorexic, and sloppy and if you think I would listen to someone who looks like a slob…..your're crazy! I suggest you take a good warm shower, buy a razor, wear a shirt, gain 10 lbs, and look better! You are nothing but skin and bones and I say bones are for the dogs! So sorry, cannot take what you say seriously if you look like Charles Manson! Good luck!

  2. Currently eating an lfrv program. No overt fats and I feel the best I've ever felt. Don't know about omega 6 versus 3 arguments. All I know is when I eat avocado, even just a half of a small one, I don't feel as well. And believe me, I'm not a hater. I love the taste and texture and would love to consume them on a regular basis. But the bod says no, and after all the decades of food trial and error I've learned to listen, even though its not what I "want" to do.

  3. This guy is completely wrong, Avocadoes are the most satiating food there is, Its a good fat that lowers bad fat in the body. HDL/LDL ratio. This guys crazy it good for your heart and loaded with vitamins and I feel and look great since eating them. Hes the only one whos ever said anything like this ever. He contradicted himself six times about eating and not eating them. Dude looks sick. Educate us? Is he freaking serious? Just goes to show anyone can get views on you tube. It was so ridiculous the whole video!!!

  4. This is your point of you.Avocado is a nut and all the nuts are healthy, as long as you eat them in moderation, anything in moderation from food is safe and goood for you, on one condition if you are not allergic to peanuts:)

  5. Before modern open heart surgury, and other procedures. People were told to lose wieght. If you bacame as thin as possible, it would reduce stress on damaged heart.. People could add decades to their life if they were just under wieght. Doctors know this today, people will eat themselfs into a grave. Here is the test. It a normal breakfast, eat normal lunch, and then eat a large supper. Are you breathless. Do you feel like crap. On rare occasions, people will feel the connection between a failing heart, and heart problems. It you have doctor, and ask you, "Are you active?" And you say, "Yes doctor. I walk. I exersize. I have an active job." The Doctor can't imagine your heart is fucked.Sometime it's not obvious to you either. One: You learn to live with it. Two: You are under wieght, and you can eat some, but soon as you reach some critical point, it's like boom. You feel like shit. Three: you are not being honest. Most people can be 10 to 30 pounds over wieght, and not have dire life problems. People who lose wieght due to a bad heart lie to themselfs. They have good days, and bad days. They ignore the bad days, and only remember the good days. They also compare themselves to other people in bad shape. "Damn, I"m okay. I can out walk most teenagers." True, but most teenagers are lazy slobs. You are very yong man.You eat well, and are thin, if not too thin. Phyisically, you should be breathing fire, and spitting nails. I don't know, but I bet your hearts shot.

  6. That's very nice of you to share your thoughts but you got to remember everybody's body chemistry is different too much of a good thing is not good for some of us not all of us yes it is very important we put in your body thanks for your share

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