WHITE BOY RICK – Official Trailer (HD)

Hustler. Dealer. Kingpin. Informant. #WhiteBoyRickMovie – Based on the true story. Only in theaters this Fall. Set in 1980s Detroit at the height of the crack …


  1. This movie suck
    They exchange acting for learning to say F***K every other sentence and GD behind every other breath
    If you can act you wouldn’t have to accept trash scripts like this from a terrible director
    There are so many actors out there that have enough talent to play a role without the F***K bomb to try and be hip
    I get they are playing Drug Dealers and scum but when we start getting annoyed by it we started the movie over and counted 150 times the F***K word in 1hr

    Just rent George Carlin and watch that , you’ll get more out of it

  2. Soooooo rick went under cover and snitched on a bunch black people selling drugs then the cops stopped working with him. then he started selling drugs himself then he gets sentenced to 25 to life and then they filmed the movie as if people watching were to feel sorry for the white boy for getting life. 😂😂🤦🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️

  3. I'm going to put a kinda spolier and advice. However I am against crime. But unfair if you don't know a couple laws.

    1st when he was shot. Family needed to be put in witness protect. Fbi had now right to talk with out a adult present in car and scare him. 3rd what would have kept him out a lawyer meeting with fbi and 1st thing is pure immunity. However while I say this laws could have been different. Each state is different.

    But like I said I'm against braking the law. A 2nd issue if you didn't call cops. And your inside. Keep hands visible. But do not step out that door. If they have a Warrent they show it and arrest you. Be polite they are doing their job. I am not a lawyer. But more people need to know laws

  4. i put up the documentary of this called (white boy rick the rat) and they took it down but what i dont understand is why they aint taken down none the black gangster documentarys but they took down this one

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