1. Im using a LG C6V OLED 55" as a monitor, been in use for 2 years with no screen burn, but i dont leave the PC on a static screen (PC set to go blank or screensaver after 5 mins) and i mainly use it for gaming and streaming.

  2. The MOST important part is missing here. All monitors have chroma 4:4:4, whereas only a subset on TVs have it (they typically have 4:2:0). This means that those TVs are not suitable for working on them, all the small fonts and tiny edges may be blurry. You can of course play games.

  3. I have a friend who keeps using money on making an amazing build on a budget including the 1070 ti along with the ryzen 7 series cpu chips. Only probably is he literally uses a 720p tv from 2005 with large pixels and massive bezzles. Keep telling him my 60 dollar monitor looks better than his tv but he seems way too biased to even consider it.

  4. Cmmon,60fps is enough unless you are a hardcore gamer.
    Also,TV=plug n play,split screens,HD videos, casting,good inbuilt speakers.
    Let's not forget about smart TVs as well.
    TV is a multilevel tool over a hardcore one sided experience.

  5. Monitors are more speedy. Tvs are larger in size. Tv is used to watch films and programs. Monitors are used for many applications like designing,animation,accounting,watching movies and many more.

  6. I have been using a 40" TV as my main monitor since 2008. For movies, for gaming and for work. Now I want to upgrade and I want to switch to the 21:9 aspect ratio, but there are no TVs to choose from and the biggest monitors are only 37" and also very expensive. I might end up buying a regular 4K TV if things won't improve.

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