Todd Robert Anderson, Allan McLeod & Stephen Falk | Getting Doug with High

Todd Robert Anderson, Allan McLeod & Stephen Falk (You’re the Worst) sit down for another episode of Getting Doug with High. SUBSCRIBE to Doug’s channel …


  1. The chicken survived due to the location of the brain being further down the neck due to dumb luck the axe missed the brain and the chicken survived and was toured around I think in the 50’s or 60’s a story about the chicken was on tv like ten years ago.

  2. It's MERRY CHRISTMAS! But I know you Libtards get butthurt easily and offended by everything so proceed! Also, doesn't the B in LGBT imply that there are only two genders?… but that's none of my business…

  3. I'm dreaming of a dabbed Christmas… It's a groovy thing that I stopped into the pot shop and picked up 4-grams of it… "It" being the operative word for "shatter". Words are weird…. shatter….. shhhhhhatter….. shaaaaaaaatter…. sha-tter… shat-ter… shay-tee-ter… Shatmaster T-5000… Sha-doobie-do, shattered, shattered….

  4. Um who? The guests have been super weak. Stop brining people on that think it's cool to smoke weed now that it's legal. Haven't been watching at all due to the shitty guests. Before I couldn't wait to see who would be in next, now meh I'll pass

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