1. There is talk out there that many Jamaicans suffer from mental illness. When you look at stuff like this and soooo many other injustices and poor living conditions the people have to go through its no wonder that many are mental. Just the POOR LIVING CONDITIONS causes mental breakdown.

  2. Dem doing a lot more to us like a lot of people new they force to suffer no justice for the poor and the needy but they to go back to the real law that Michel Manley only prminster give us the poor baby born an get peace of land they push the real hard working people away and put there lazy sons and daughters to manipulate us the poor take is little poor hardworking swet that they time and years to build but one law is new law all I new if any one is a thief is every where clean them all new start 2019 no compromise they a lot more come and see or they will show them selves they are the one who keeping hiding the truth and u kill us the people or give us a life setence to the poor and the needy hard working money this is why i don't trust not even the law here because they love money the little that the poor man has is much better than rishes of many wicked .Father God please us because they have no plan to .Love in me jah raw pa the struggle is real weh yu seh raw pa viral

  3. FUCK SCOTIABANK! Always a new fucking trainee that doesn't know their ass from their face. What is with the holds on company cheques and people's paycheques???? Didn't you asshats make it law to be paid by cheque?? So why the fuck do we even have service fees to cash those fucking cheques??? Why are you putting holds on people's hard earned money??? Why don't you idiots tell your fucking trainee morons to look at notes before allowing people to take their family out for dinner on christmas and ending up not being able to pay the bill cause some asshat couldn't read the notes before putting a hold on someone's cheque who has it noted to release at least 400 and only able to access 200… YOU FUCKING PIECES OF SHIT!!!! I WILL BE SURE TO PUT 5 DAY HOLDS ON ITEMS I AM DELIVERING TO YOU FUCKING IDIOTS!!!

  4. There are some workers ar Scotia when you deal with them you have to wonder if they are human much less Jamaican. They behave just like the slave masters that you read about in history books. So sorry for these 2 families.

  5. Rawpa its no mistake my brother by 2022 almost all these bank will be closing down with people money and people will be running allover the place wondering where to go n what to do these people believed in the rich to be richer and the poor to be even more than poorer so you know what that mean man going to eat man its coming to the end time so they all know who they want to be left behind!!!! Its so sad Jamaica let just pray

  6. That is the plan, the Bank set out to rob those people – simple. The Government is corrupted, and I would guess they are involved. How can you set a Court date for 2022! I would never trust them to be honest.

  7. That's why crime rate can't go down, now they have to be paying mortgage because they took out a loan to close the deal, now I hope that they can get a closer court date and sue the bank, this is the height of slackness, both lawyers, realtor, valuator and surveyor should all go to prison, how can his lawyer allowed this to happen, it Hurt's my gut, the bank should be held accountable

  8. Something not right here 🤔. The trial date was set for 2022 as Scotia Bank hoping the couple will get fed up and drop the case. These big corporations take ordinary folk for fool and when you take them on they dont like it and try to tie you up in so much legal red tape! The couples laywers are not fighting hard enough. Scotia bank or its representatives are scamming people. The biggest thieves are the ones in suits and tie in big corporations! This is obviously mentally draining on the couple. How can Scotia execs sleep at night knowing what they have done to this couple! Ahh bwoy sah!
    Those who gave the vid the thumbs down must be Scotia staff.

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