1. My cousin is Indian she got accepted to both Harvard and Stanford. It was not because of her race and her parents aren't super rich. But either way I think most Ivy League schools look for the money. Mostly because If you don't have a scholarship to pay the tuition then they aren't getting the full pay.

  2. Colleges and universities across America are looking for slaves and minions working for free such as unpaid, exploited internships. And so they give you the Bull$h1t test of Community Service. And the wor$t part of all is that they charge you or your parents an arm and a leg and a testicle or a tit for tuition. And you take out hundreds of thousands of dollars in student loans that you will never be able to pay back. And most students with a college degree or graduate degree, can't find a fucking job. Greedy motherfucking university/college staff and faculty fucker$!

  3. I'm a middle class white girl, lived in America for years without knowing any English while my parents worked their asses off as immigrants from Belarus (btw props to them they where thrown into the workforce right as the soviet union fell apart thats a big change like yeah) and now I'm in a community where legit "crazy rich (and crazy smart) Asians are the majority…. HEY I'M TECHNICALLY A MINORITY WHERE I'M FROM AM I IN?

  4. I mean, yeah it sucks that poor kids can’t get into Yale, but Yale isn’t necessary to succeed in life. It matters more what they do with the little resources they have.

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