1. Ok all I was listening for was the tasting part, I was hoping it wasn't just me. Smells nice, taste average, but the high is great, it's a creeper though. You don't realize you're high till you're done smoking lol.

  2. Now that is the only way huge joints dam rite your own joint nothing worst than sharing a joint with everyones dirty mouths lol…Fat one paper of zig zag all the way 1g j 😉

  3. whats that lemony purp thats all ppl get around here . that same citrus smell. but yea seems like frosty nugs dont really have alot of trichomes. the tastey strains have those big sparkly white trichomes they dont look furry they look glazed

  4. Honestly, purple punch is a gift from heaven. When I first started smoking, I’d smoke stuff that gave me a small buzz or just a tad bit of hypeness. I never went through the feeling of being completely high. Until one day my friend brought me some purple punch. We had 2 blunts going double rotation with 3 people. Keep in mind I was a beginner, this hit me so hard I could barely talk. I didn’t remember half of my session. If you haven’t tried this, what are you doing???

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