1. This is such bullshit!!! Yes drug abuse is a problem today and probably worse than it has been. But I have 2 things to say about this: WHY DON'T THESE PEOPLE THAT WANT TO STOP THE OPIOID CRISIS FIND OUT WHYYYY IT HAPPENED IN THE FIRST PLACE–AND PLEASE DO NOT BLAME DOCTORS THEY ARE DOING THEIR JOBS. WHO WANTS TO LIVE WITH PAIN ESPECIALLY WHEN YOU HAVE TO WORK LIKE A DOG TODAY TO PAY YOUR BILLS. Life is scary today. People have gotten mean. I got a shut off notice for an 88 dollar water bill that I never mailed because they took the mailbox off of my corner and I have to walk 3 blocks now to mail the bills. I still use the old fashioned way of paying bills and sleep well at night. But a SHUT OFF NOTICE FOR 88 DOLLARS!!!! This is one of the reasons people turn to drugs. Everything is so demanding and difficult today. I am a very strong person–don't need anything but I have compassion for those that are at wits end. Try to help these people which brings me to number 2 gripe: it isn't okay to be on something that helps your pain but IT IS OKAY TO PUMP PEOPLE WITH PSYCHOTROPIC DRUGS THAT MAKE THEM ZOMBIES—NOT FAIR!! I have a friend as I write this that is struggling with withdrawal–BUT NOT FROM OPIOIDS BUT FROM HER MOOD ALTERING ANTI DEPRESSANTS THAT SHE NO LONGER WANTS TO TAKE. JUST AS DANGEROUS. And opioids may kill but these zombie drugs cause suicide in a lot of cases. So wise up with this. Pain is pain. And ANTI DEPRESSANTS ARE NOT THE ANSWER.

  2. “I’m President, They Got Me Here!” Whoops, now was that an accidentally spilled secret. But you know what, screw the Congress if they’d want to silence this nation & just as President Trump said about fairness, or working out regulation. Somebody here is so much more valuable then anybody else is in history. This person is our President, you know how much devoted he is about giving Love to this country that sometimes he pushes it more then he’s even supposed to, I mean, I’m talking on the contrary based on the ones who actually got him here, not the foul voting system playing games here. But Congress if it is their own intention to MAGA through Trump’s favor. I know this may be a lot of information already, but I’m only aggravating Trump’s honesty here based upon some emotional catching in the air all due to the favor of our country! All I can truly say is, Trump isn’t America’s choice, Trump is God’s choice for America! At these only times for America’s changing history, this is the one moment in time that God is allowing this country to have another chance. Another chance to follow Jesus our lord, another chance for good will be done amongst humanity, another chance to feel repentant for all the wrong doings of all the country’s ignorant people & be forgiven. At this time Jesus’ arms are wide open for America, so come to him!! He is giving us another chance, so pay attention to God’s message & DO NOT miss out on this warning!! -In Jesus name, Amen! 🙏

  3. I wish I could have invested in the private investment funds that started buying up rehab centers years ago right after the united nations approved rehabilitation as a substitute for punishment for drug use. 🙁

  4. He's an idiot. It's pointless to try to convince him of anything. He's gone off the rails. We're in crazytown," General Kelly is quoted as saying at a staff meeting in his office. "I don't even know why any of us are here. This is the worst job I've ever had."

    Defense Secretary James Mattis describes Trump as having the understanding of "a fifth or sixth grader." And Trump's former personal lawyer John Dowd describes the President as "a f*cking liar," telling Trump he would end up in an "orange jump suit" if he testified to special counsel Robert Mueller.

  5. I seniorly believe that he MUST not return us to prohibition times. Those in the CIA & military who have trafficked drugs, weapons, and states like Florida where addicts go from doctor to doctor to stack up on drugs & tranquilizers etc in order to sell them for profit without any medical license … these should be the practices stopped. I don't think the government should have the right to play doctor & force people seeing one legitimate physician get the relief they need to have some quality of life & ability to function. There are people for responsibly use just enough to get by. I think forcing people into withdrawal who have never used any drugs illegally, never shared, or sold pain medication should not have the government enforce this order. The government constitutionally is nowhere allowed to attempt to restrict a people's ability to see a doctor to determine what will safely prescribe what is healthy for each individual. It's not the business of insurances either to limit what they will pay for. I love President Trump, but I believe will cause many to die (because pain is life threatening) or be given more harmful medicines. Many misuse alcohol, and many just enjoy it on when the go out to eat or to dance, and some rarely or never drink at all. I have one in my family who lived over 100 yrs. old and who smoked unfiltered cigars all his adult life & enjoyed the freedom to do so. Another person 95 has a drink before bed each night, & on nights out. Some smoke & die of cancer, although I personally haven't known anyone that had cancer or has cancer that smokes. I taught my children it is an expensive habit that costs a lot of money & which is not allowed any places & is looked down on, but it is wrong to think less of someone who smokes. When I was in high school & university & as I grew into adulthood it was permitted even outside church services, mostly among the men, such as my dad. The government has regulated many things historically practiced when & if they chose which I believe is not a free republic's role. My mother had all of her children (as many did back when,) at home, except for the two youngest. Now much which was used & readily available back when we were a free country. I do not think growing up in a home where my dad & some other relatives smoke harmed them or me or anyone else. The medical establishment & government health administrators & economist & scientist ever so slowly told us what tests with rats had proven. When I raised my two oldest children they remained quite safe without having the government require seat belts, or the health studies started warning parents against eating salt or taking aspirin. In fact the government made rules which God's Word & His Laws do not forbid, matter of fact I think it's He Who created all that is growing naturally or that man has used for better health, relief of pain, or enjoyment. All He created was to be used & only after man was deceived did he think to right his own added laws which Jesus Christ/Yeshua talked against when He said the scribes & pharisees had put heavy weights on the people's back for them to follow. God's Word says that in the end times stiff necked people stray so far that they teach that right is wrong & wrong is right. When I was in school the science teacher taught that science was a method of discovering what was true by creating theories which were tested to determine whether the proof of those theories showed the proposed theories could be considered true. Fear & trauma does the body, mind and spirit of man no good, and so GOD SAID fear no man, or someone or something that can kill the body, but God Who has power of life & death over each being ..body, mind, and SOUL. I love our President Donald Trump, and believe he means well, or has agreed to expand the drug war against traffickers (even fraudsters who create new harmful drugs which are synthetics created which often have to carry such warnings as the the possible harm, even sudden death they can cause, that I wonder how they get away with advertising & urging doctors to require their patients try them. SO I pray to God that the POTUS & DOJ stick to stopping the criminals who have run our nation into a swamp of regulations, and not regulate what a person can take who is under a doctor's care at the very least, or what a person can drink, or that a person can drink. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN, continued cutting down the number of restrictions & regulations for businesses (yes,) but also ones which would make life harder for WE THE PEOPLE to again be in charge of our own lives, so long as in so doing we another life to be killed or abused or controlled or violated. I plead with those who need & experience no adverse effect or have caused another not to die or suffer needlessly, to not continue on this which I believe is an unconstitutional plan. Even now, a person who is agrees to go into rehab has a right to leave that treatment, even though he/she knew their severe addiction was something that was destroying life (his as well as lives of those who loved or had been being used/misused as resources.

  6. And prosecution across tbeboa good and rotten doctors and destroying the lives of chronically I'll patients who don't have cancer and do not abuse the meds given and suffering post surgically w doctors who cant give meds if you still have post surgical issues after a week or 2. Watch suicide rates rise and elderly chronically I'll end up on street drugs since chronic chronic illness isn't address only cancer. Doctors a terrified and good obese especially being wrongfully prosecuted. Only trump decision I wish he would modify for chronic suffering.

  7. Please help my friend kulian assange and am really sorry for being so rude I may not agree with all your policy's but you are certainly pushing the boxes also not sure if you ate being screwed around, check it out

  8. I originally came on this channel to ask of you to show some compassion my friend juliañ assamge I'm not in he's league but i am a savant and in a couple of years I will be ready for greater things I didn't have the gold coins in my country for no reason I can do great things if I'm allowed to

  9. SToP tHe WaR oN DRuGs TRuMP. SToP iMPRiSoNiNG PeoPLe For PRoFiT! BoGuS CaNNaBiS & HeMP PRoHiBiTioN LaWs NeeD To CHaNGe PeRioD ! eMPeRoR Wears No CLoTHeS(book) & Hemp for Victory (yt) > Jack Herer > eDucate your self with the TRuTH ! Everyone on earth with a brain knows > CaNNaBiS iS NoT SCHeDuLe 1 ! Why vote for a government that ruins peoples lives over victim less crimes TRuMP ? Who made YOU guys GoD, deciding which plants given to us by the real creator GoD are allowed or banned. I call BS on that, this evil government has no business deciding anything for free people with creator endowed rights. GeT ouT of ouR LiVeS GoVeRNMeNT oR eLSe ! SToP SuBVeRTiNG CoNSTiTuTioN & BiLL of RiGHTs oR eLSe ! GoT THaT ? SiGNeD 300 MiLLioN aRMeD PeoPLe oF UNiTeD STaTes! ! ! No PoLiCe STaTe TRuMP !

  10. They should drink with food( learn from Korean Diets).Their withdrawals make impossible for them to quit. So, transfer them to green house forest to skip withdrawal symptoms with heavy 😴 pills and when they get up work to complete not empty cold lonely concrete walled center city mainly harbours minority suffered from many latitudes they had to endure and walls to block them for a long time. Give them options: exit to vadt their ancient their tribal Africa or stay positively free place and free foods and free educations nation they do not see.

  11. A long term WAR using Opium tactic. 134 die per day… works for internal enemies getting richer and powerful soon can not even fight but surrender to this chisahan but working for this sly conquerors as the China OPIUM war moved to the east coast ports, ancient porters and their offsprings settled.

  12. President Trump PLEASE return to your FIRST pledge the full repeal of the healthcare insurance scam! There is absolutely no way to remove money laundering and corruption from big federal programs and they are literally killing America. Government and corporations are the largest organizations that provide drugs for profit through various programs. Only the repeal of the ACA and dramatic reduction of Medicaid will have any effect. Adding even more money with more programs will absolutely result in more addicts not less! You are unwittingly financing the problem with more funds.


  13. One thing seems certain we are winning at the prison numbers go check out "global prison rates per capita" on google and think in your brain "freedom" "liberty" "USA" "WINNING?? while looking at the numbers… P.S. Be sure you are swilling your KOOL-AID at the same time!!!!

  14. I'm glad you mentioned alcohol Mr President Trump! Also pills!!! Cannabis medicine is a legal plant though and produces little to no harm whereas prison causes a great deal of harm to families and is not "corrections" at all!!! I propose we let folks know that cannabis medicine is legal an all natural medicine and that the government has no right to steal humans away and toss them into concrete boxes… This is actual harm to families lets reverse this prison business and come up with actual help for people. On the world stage we are a police state and the numbers reflect this.

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