1. Thank you. I have read we should use filtered water in our nasal rinses but have used my well water, for lack of commitment to finally solve the puzzle of what is the best filtration. It seems to me now that I should pick something soon and make filtration happen! I mean, even the very best sources of tap water are coming to us via plumbing that is cool, dark and wet. At the very least this could be ideal for breeding some nasty things. Wake up call!

  2. Wow…. does Seattle chlorinate water? Would chlorine kill the parasites?
    I also use netti pot , I filter my Vancouver, BC, Canada tap water with Britta filter and boil. Hope that is through enough.
    Was considering the Same filteration you have.

  3. So since obviously all the crap in our tap water isn't working for killing parasites can't we stop putting it in there so we can have better water without needing to have external filters as much?

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