1. Hey Nick. I chased flying, till my dreams to fly a helicopter Hughes MD 500 or better died. Did training many hours, sweet. As I needed to buy one and go without insurance defeated me.
    As I learned, I can't get insurance it as wanted, or if all. Even if kissing butts.
    As I dislike Roberson R2xxx whatever or more. I Fly sometime in single or twin engines for fun, with others. but just boring. I wanted to land anywhere I could like a drone. Yes, yes many restrictions and landing request for where.
    How's the flying for you going?

  2. These cleaners work great saved our but in 2016 with Vomitoxin saved our Durum crop here in NE Montana. Now we clean our own seed too Durum, Peas, and Lentils. If your serious about cleaning your own seed look into the new scalper Alex has designed this year works great. My boss has become a distributor for GCS with machines and scalpers on hand in Plentywood MT. Any questions on setting anything up or where to run it you can call Greg at 406-765-7143. The video on the GCS website was done at the farm i work at. Love your videos and wish you guys a Merry Christmas.

  3. Nick, I rarely see anyone give you enough credit for what you do. Your editing skills are top notch, and I love what you do with the channel. I'll patiently awaiting new content here, hopefully on the new semi or bud getting some cosmetic love.

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