1. Love you guys, take care stay safe and hope you all have a wonderful holiday season. Don't know what I liked more, the flying geo metro, the dancing Nick or the beautiful Officer Rodriguez. Here's to season 4 cheers.

  2. Happy Holidays MPD! stay safe and blessed, thank you for this channel that brings the department closer to the community… day 1 sub here ! Thank you Nick and Gio for the hard work with the videos… see ya 2019!

  3. Thank you for interesting stories, interesting people. Thank you for best quality videos and of cooourse good music. Thanks that you are, wish you Merry Christmas and Happy New year, only blue sky above your heads! Be safe! P.S. US police girls are so nice))

  4. Great season! Can’t wait to see what’s planned for next year. Very excited. Great job team! 👏🏼 🎉

    2019, WHO’S EXCITED?! 🙋🏻‍♀️

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