1. Oh boy… YouTube just blocked my father Robert Welker and all his comments have been deleted. It must have thought he was spamming the channel when he was just trying to reply to everyone. Hard to say if YouTube will let him back on but we'll do what we can! So if you don't see his comments they were removed!

  2. im a little bit confused, in the comment some of your videos you say, we are going to the farm and harvest peas.. why dont you say harvest a field? is a field to small? please explain a Norwegian.. I have noticed you write W Farms.. not farm.. by the way love your videos

  3. @Welker Farms Inc So glad you got new paint!! I believe you are correct that now your harvest should go alot faster! Can't wait to see what videos you are going to make!! God Bless and have a Happy New Year!

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