How Video Games Saved My Relationship || Mayim Bialik

Hey, it’s Mayim, and I’ve had a pretty big relationship breakthrough with Manfriend recently. How, you may ask? Through gaming! We play D&D together, but …


  1. For my SO and I, gaming is an important part of our relationship. We have some faves to play together, like Borderlands and Gears of War, but we also have games that we like to play on our own: I like The Wither, Bloorborne, and Halo, while he's into Dragon Age and Resident Evil.
    It does upset me when he sits down to play while I'm doing house chores (bcoz he's not helping), but I call him out and he gets up to help.
    I also really enjoy studying for school while he's playing Xbox, it creates a real nice background noise for studying and we can be together but each doing our thing.
    We also like to take turns in playing mobile games.

  2. I agree that people need to have their outlet and if they like playing games on their phones, that shouldn't be an issue. What I take issue with is when we're actively spending time together, like at dinner, and the phone comes out. That is a phone addiction, because they're choosing a digital world over reality. I don't spend time with people who can't put their phones away (unless we're using it to google something or share photos, because that's interactive).

  3. I can definitely relate to this video. I've dated two different types of guys. One who used video games as a coping mechanism to not deal with reality and ignored me constantly. And my now boyfriend uses it as a form of entertainment, fun, and relaxation. He has a genuine passion for it and loves it so much so that he stopped at nothing to introduce me to games I'd like then showed me discord to hop onto and play with groups of people so I was always included and never felt left out. <3 its been a total game changer and I no longer associate video games with negative emotion but rather as a form of fun and activity we can do! Or even both play our own games and stay connected on discord. It's incredible how much resentment I had to fix but as someone whose learned to love it I now understand video games are mental relaxation for some people, they are a destresser and people usually with complex and creative minds need it to focus their energy on something constructive.

    Now, if you have someone whose playing them for days and days on end and doesn't have anything productive in their life (like making money at a job) and has no goal to do so…. thats when it becomes a concern.

  4. We all game! Husband, child and myself! Like they say, if you can't beat them, join them! Even right now, hubby is gaming on his system and I'm watching YouTube (your channel, to be more specific) and little one is sleeping. 🙂

  5. I relate to this so much! I got hooked on Pokemon Go on my phone and now I totally get my fiances need for games on his phone even while out and about together sometimes..or in bed when we could be cuddling instead. We find ways to spend time together and even still semi cuddle while doing our separate things. and thats OK!

  6. I like playing games but I burn out to fast.
    Just a side note if you have an Android Google has an app to get free money to use for apps. Yes, it's very little but is free. It's like when I go to Vegas I play free games knowing I will never win but hey it's free. 👳&👦 🚙

  7. Brilliant video. I totally agree with you.
    We have to fill the void in ourselves we cannot expect our partners to do that. We have to be self-fulfilled only then can we add value to others lives .

  8. Me and my partner play games almost every night… sometimes its just to unwind.. she's and her phone and I'm on mine..sometimes we even play on PS.. just relaxes you after a stressful day.. thanks for this vid Mayim!

  9. I love playing games on my computer in the evening, while listening to your video's. After a day of childeren and work, it makes me feel relax. Also my husband is doing the same thing beside me, also paralell playing 🙂

  10. I've been a gamer since the 80's. I'm 38 now. I started with consoles as a little girl, then added PC games and mobile games as the options expanded over time. It has always brought me joy, and though I don't have nearly as much time for it as I would like these days, I still love it. I find it relaxes me like nothing else, giving my mind a break from the real-life troubles of the day. I love the fantasy of being a successful mogul of various types, or hero of some kind, when I rarely come close to achieving those goals otherwise. The hobby has contributed positively to my personal and romantic relationships, and that is something I value very much. Gaming has always been one of my biggest hobbies, and I've found that people who don't game have a difficult time understanding the value and depth of entertainment associated with it.

  11. Question for you regarding this then – Would you be willing to accept your "man friend" playing computer games if it was actually his job? Like myself my GF understands i have to spend hours on PC and mobile playing mobile games for a youtube channel.

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