How to Roll a Backwoods with Roy Woods (HNHH)

Roy Woods is all about the ‘woods!! Obviously. This is the singer who gave us the song “Russian Cream” after all. He blesses our latest episode of “How to Roll” …


  1. this guys weird as hell lol makes me feel like when you hung out with that hyper kid in middle school and you were stuck at his house waiting to get picked up

  2. I notice everybody on these video say they don't like sativa weed,but love indicia weeds… I don't get that…. As an artist id think they'd like sativa more for the creative side but aye to each's on

  3. oh fuck nah straight up off the blunt anyone that roll cigar will tell u tobacco leafs are not made for cones lol that's why it was rolled the way it is haha dying laughing

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