1. Great tutorial you look good with beard man greetings !!! There is jeb gardener YouTube channel where guys is doing brows like this one with no pump, you could also add amazon affiliate links in video maybe someone would use them, 50k subs yea

  2. Ya I love hempy buckets I started growing hempy 3 years ago and I don't ever plan to change cuz it's been so easy. As soon as those roots hit the res it grows like crazy, u gotta keep a eye on it. I went on vacation for a week and before I left I transplanted my clones thinking everything will be fine, 4 days later my ladie calls saying my 2×3 tent is filled up to the max and she had to raise the lights cuz they wer growing so fast Lol it usually takes about a week for that to happen. IDK Kno wat happen lol

  3. I've vegged with hempys for years now. 85 percent perlite and 15 percent peat. Then I bud in a regular pot with 50 50 mix of perlite and peat with a straight 2 inch layer of peat on bottom. Perfect.

  4. Not too bad on the info nice work. Although I would never use white buckets for my original Hydro. Also I use 5 gallon buckets works great. And you only have to water everyday for about 3 weeks then water every other day because the water stays in the reservoir and Roots will drink it within 2 days if developed and healthy.

  5. Hello neil! Thanks for this. I grow with hempy bucket but with coco. U dont like? My veg stage is too slow, i think this combination coco + hempy bucket with 4cm holle maybe i overwather in first 3 weeks. Thanks and sorry my english.

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