Heroin addicts shoot up in ‘safe’ bathrooms

Using heroin may not be legal, but monitored and safe spaces where drug addicts can use are saving lives, reducing overdoses and encouraging treatment.


  1. I’d be so scared when I was a little younger because in my city there’s so many junkie that like to do that in the bathroom , they have police in bathroom like everywhere , I use to think I’d catch a diesese or something fungal I was scared SHIT!!! (Don’t come for me I didn’t know any better)

  2. As an addict who has been clean for 14 years do the addicts a favor and lock their asses up. All this do gooder crap is going to do is make the problem worse and ruin more lives. You got to come down hard on a dope fein because they are cons and liars. I had people believing my crap and trying to help me while I was just using them. That’s the way it works that’s what junkies do they aren’t normal human beings when practicing their addiction. They lie like a rug with all the I want to get clean talk. When they want to get clean more than they want to get high they get clean.

  3. Why does it have to be a bathroom? I’m just saying…nobody is going to use the toilet in front of the supervisors. Potty parity is already a big enough problem. Women are getting bladder infections and suffering with interstitial cystitis and we are using bathrooms as injection sites? I get that it’s a cute way to say don’t go shoot up in the bathroom of a public place with no one there but can’t we just do that symbolically somehow without having to use bathrooms? Btw I’m an ex-heroin addict so it’s not that I don’t get it. The people who think injection sites are making the addiction problem worse are out of touch. Harm reduction is essential.

  4. I found freedom. Freedom from hate, doubt, fear, and the toxic lives we used to lead. This freedom is what inspires me to help others to realize that recovery is possible. To pay it forward. Freedom is possible. A new life is possible. It's my mission to help other people and their families see the light and support anyone and everyone who might need it. Drug & Alcohol Helpline 877.628.1450

  5. My personal opinion is that this is honestly encouraging addiction rather than showing the damage that does-I even say it’s a waste of medicine, its cheating death over and over and the fact that it’s becoming acceptable is disgusting.

  6. End this retarded fucking drug war, legalize drugs, and regulate their quality. Problem solved. But no. Too too many dollars will be lost if that were to happen. There is no profit in cures and solutions now are there?….

  7. Wow. In my jail they didn’t didn’t treat your withdrawal symptoms at all. They gave u a Motrin and a half a shot of water. Then charger ya 8 bucks.! That’s like 50 bucks on the street lol

  8. I bet you a sack of potatoes there is at least 5 or 6 black dudes sitting out in the parking lot selling the shit. Me being a addict, this would be the first place I would go to score if my plug was out. Js

  9. Human beings destroying themselves………nothing brings me more joy than to see another human suffer…..especially when its down to their own stupiditiy. Hahaha.

  10. Let them all die.. the street will be alot cleaner and safer.. kill all gang members and thugs as well.. dudarte the president from the philippine has the right idea to clean up his country and its alot safer then ever before..

  11. So they are basically supplying the addicts with everything they need except the drugs themselves. They need to focus on helping them get off the drugs. There’s not enough places for drug addicts to be in rehab. Why not get some of the abandoned buildings and fix them up then they can focus on getting the help they need.

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