GrowTube #76 – Holiday Special 2018 – 12.21.18

EPISODE # 76 – HOLIDAY SPECIAL 2018 – Happy Holidaze everyone!!! Just a get together tonight to kick off the holiday season right! You never know who is …


  1. I'm super half the chats were flowing that's your new show the chats. Rough structure… And dawg over his moody phase. But serious good job lads keep doing what your doing u are god's of the people in red states

  2. How can I equalize the microphones? Dago your volume seems to be loud and clear.
    and Subs is a lot lower.

    I feel like I am getting yelled at lol

    I Dont mean to be a downer, Thank you for your time!

  3. You know I've grown and ice bread I have my own strain and I'll never give my strain so that someone does something else so I say fuck it I'll keep my strain so that no one I mean no one makes there strain under my strain

  4. Cool show glad to see ya back, wake n bakin with ya here in Colorado to bad i missed the live.. Subcools Name is Dave? just noticed it popping up as his name, CHeeRs

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