G2Voice #115 You don’t have to be a scientist to practice science

This week we are taking about why you don’t have to be a scientist to practice science. And Special guest Jordan Grenon from G2Sacraments.org This weeks …


  1. Hi, The only HCL I can find here in Chile is this: Appearance: colorless liquid, slightly yellow, 1160 solución 32 % 1120 Masa Molecular : 36.46 g/mol Punto de Fusión : 247 K (-26 °C) Punto de Ebullición : 321 K (48 °C) Viscosidad : 1.9 Can you tell me if that is ok? Thanks in advance

  2. Hi Arch… What a little cutie your son is. All your son"s take after you. You are so very handsome and your boys take after you. Just wanna say that I wrote to TBN, a Christian channel that I listen to and follow. I told them that I wanted to donate information on this Master Mineral Solution. I thought this Solution should be shouted from every mountain top and given to every person. They kindly declined to accept my donation. What do you think of that?

  3. G2 voice. I love you guys.but I need your help and fast. I have mrsa .iv been trying to take mms at the dose of 3 drops and I now I must get to 15 drops 4 times a day to cure this….I have a life long infestation of worms. I was bull shitted and told iv got eperlepcy. Dr Andreas Kalcker inspired me to study myselfin biophysics. o I am really good at it and want my degree. However I now know it wasn't eperlepcy. I was indeed infected during conception. I worked out how. honestly I believe this happens to everyone who suffers any conditions of brain nuro disease. I don't believe there is such a thing as disease. symptoms and cause and the cause is simple. figuring out how it happens was easy once I learnt that parasites migrate to testicals. Guys I really don't want to die. but I feel my internal organs are so weak. my tears sting. my nose runs and im suffering from herks all the time. iv started to use things like b3. glutathione and dmso let me tell you how effective it is.but its not shifting it. I don't know if im going to be able to get to the 15 drop dose 4 times a day to kill this bacteria and im alone. I live alone and when I start the 1 drop 2 drop im fine. but get to 3 drops. by 2 pm im dog sick herks kicks in and im on the floor crying.in pain. wobbly vision and I want to tap out. so to kill the mersa I need to kill the worms and in killing the worms im sick. I have humidifyers with oils and ihave a ozone generator to clean the house and im using mms as a steriliser cleaning pots and pans and even spray my bedding. infact imagine the movie outbreak and im on it. my protocol of steralising is second to none. im lost. I feel lost and I feelim dying. my heart gave up last time I was using mms. my breast are bright red and and I shiver and cant regulate my own temp. please can you help me. my email address is [email protected]outlook.com. iv never felt so lost loanly and scared.

  4. how about a bath with mms? do i have to do it every day for cancer ? or is it enough if i do it once or twice a week?or is it enough when i am soaking my feet in 10 or so drops of mms? i am asking because i am not able to take a bath every single day.

  5. Just ordered the book "Imagine A world without Dis-Ease". I am very interested in MMS and the applications, specifically for prevention of disease. I am wondering what your thoughts are on products like Cellfood and Aerobic oxygen. I notice that the ph of cellfood and others is acidic and Aerobic Oxygen is very alkaline. I wonder if the aerobic oxygen is similar to mms or which you think is better or worse? Is mms alkaline or acidic on it's own? Thanks, and I appreciate your work and these videos. Please keep it up!

  6. Jordán hola, como estan todos, quiero dejarte una sugerencia no por mi gracias a Dios tengo una velocidad fotográfica para leer, pero para la mayoría de las personas el habla o el traductor es demasiado veloz para la mayoría de las personas, no se cuál sera la solución si hablar mas lento o sintetizar los vídeos porque también lo extenso no ayuda en los tiempos de la personas, espero que todos se encuentre con todas las pilas,abrazo a tu padre………..Pablo.

  7. Thanks mark, jo, and co, hope ya all doing great, and a person called sofia smallstorm who has quite a following on the net was talking about Glyphosate being really toxic (as we both know that is true) and she said that one of the few things that can reverse its harmful affects is something she knew very little about called chlorine dioxide, she mention jim humble but didn't seem to know who you was mark.. just letting you know..God bless

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