Food sensitivity tests: Science or scam? (Marketplace)

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  1. We need more regulation for private medical care, and we need more holistic medical clinics that incorporate different forms of alt med to encourage people to go through public with some oversight.

    (I'm in a clinic that has alt med with trad med for people with persistent health problems in order to better reach people who might fall for these out of desperation. I have a GP overviewing all of my health along with a naturopath & Chinese herbalist to deal with more of the symptom control side. The naturopath is also a trained dietician, and the Chinese herbalist also has an MD, but by combining these we can transition people into more evidence-based medicine.)

  2. I once interviewed for a company that specialized in products that helped people build a resistance to allergens. I went in thinking it was more of a laboratory job because I had just graduated with a degree in Microbiology.

    I found out was that "Allergen Treatment Specialists" have quotas, because in reality it's a glorified sales job. You actually don't need any type of biology degree to administer or suggest treatment. Another thing was that they worked in doctor's offices. So after you get the test back they'd send you over to the "Allergen Treatment Specialists" to get your regimen. The patient may not need anything but quotas needed to be met.

    I didn't take the job and I learned a lot.

  3. People get worried about a Naturopath making a few bucks off a test like this meanwhile they are ok with their doctors making wayyyyy more getting kick backs for vaccines and the medications they prescribe LOL WOW

  4. if these tests are so expensive, why not put the money to making an appointment with a real doctor who specializes in this area, no all food is allergic reactions, but can cause symptoms, like gluten intolerance, is not celiac, but can become celiac if not treated correctly, and some times you can have a reaction to something that you have had before, which im told by the doctor is just at that moment you body said no and left alone for awhile you can again try it and if nothing happens you are okay, i had a reaction to nuts and left them alone for a year and then tried again and nothing

  5. I think it's important to also point out that doctors in Canada get a financial kick back for prescribing particular drugs from pharmaceutical companies, so they also profit from the sale of specific "medicines", just like the naturopath in the video, but a different business structure. I'm not saying either is right, it's all bad.

  6. If youre allergic for something
    lets say peanuts. if you ate some peanuts and you get an allergic reaction then done
    you dont eat them for a year
    then you eat some again
    the reaction to that will be way worse, since your body had time to prepare

  7. to get rid of an allergy you can only do a couple of things
    you can take medicine that may not even work
    or you can keep taking it untill you get used to is
    yes that last option can lead to really bad things but, your immune system will get used to it after a while

    PS i take no responsebility of any damage to yourself using that last method
    it is VERY risky but cna be worth it if you really want to get rid of an allergy.
    P PS. lactose intolleral isnt an allergy, your body doesnt make the chemicals required to dissolve/take in milk

  8. i know i need to eliminate junk food 😉 but it's probably just smart to actually get test run by a doctor with real credentials and even have results read by a doctor with real credentials and who are liable if they lie to you – but also man made food is usually not great for you and eat food that God made for us in nature 😛

  9. Her 'professional' experience in hogwash and fairies??? Impressive. Dunno why doctors go to med school for years to be called 'professionals'. Clearly make believe and happy thoughts work just fine.

  10. I dunno. The test really helped me. I agree that trying to cut out a million things is bad for you. It was SUPER stressful, but then I basically cut out yeast and dairy most of the time. it helped me a lot. Yeast made me sleep for hours. I actually put bread on my arm, and it gave me little red bumps,, so I feel very confident that it does hurt me. Also helps cut down on proccesed fiods. There are always going to be 10 millions opinions. Eat grains. Don’t eat grains. Drink milk. Avoid dairy. Eggs are bad for you. Eggs are good for you. Just eat what you want to eat and feels good for your body.

  11. TLDR: This video invalidates my experience as a Hashimoto's sufferer. This test may not be "backed by science" and I do agree that the companies examined in this video have some sketchy practices. But (and this is a big BUT, no pun intended) you are basically telling everyone with Hashimoto's Thyroiditis like myself or those with Celiac that their food intolerances aren't real and aren't measurable. I spent a year with brain fog, not being able to remember anything or have a single critical thought and I felt horrible every time I would eat (along with a million other mystery symptoms). By eliminating the 48 foods on my food allergy test, I gained my mind back (yes there are 48, no I don't believe I'm allergic to all of them). But Gluten, dairy, corn and soy have a HUGE effect on me when and after I eat them. I was very lucky because many people with Hashimoto's and Celiac's can spend YEARS not knowing what is wrong with them and SUFFERING. Plus with Hashimotos, the only thing "regular" doctors will give you is the "let's wait until you have thyroid damage and put you on synthroid" spiel. I personally did not want to wait until my food intolerances killed all function in my thyroid before being able to get help, so I went to a natural doctor , took the IgG ELISA 184 Food Panel test, and I am now working toward remission with the help of a nutritionist and the elimination diet.

  12. I had to find out through selectively removing foods from my diet, what would help reduce my anxiety and stomach aches and issues. Turned out that for me it isn't the foods, so much as the ingredients.

    As long as I don't consume anything with preservatives, added sugars, or add sodium, I feel 70% better all the time. The down side is that foods taste a bit blander. But at least I'm feeling far better then I was. 😁

  13. Intolerance is caused by a lack or non-existent of a digestive enzyme. For example: Lactose intolerance is caused by a lack of or non-existence of lactaid/lactase. Your body can still break it down but it turns it into methane which causes symptoms like upset stomach, diarrhea, bloating, constipation, and flatulence. Sometimes, the body can’t even do that and it causes you to vomit it up.

  14. Food sensitivities are real. I actually did one of these tests and I was sensitive to whey. It was correct actually. If I eat anything with whey, my stomach hurts extremely bad.

  15. Whether its food sensitivity or DNA tests, don't trust the mail/online subscription crap! A majority of these companies are selling your info, have poor security for their servers and try to sell you nutrition that have weak or poor results.

  16. Food sensitivities are different than true hypersensitive allergic reactions. Food sensitivities are functional illnesses, they can't be "tested for" by objective tests. They require symptoms from patient

  17. Okay….as anyone that pays even a small amount of attention to anything…the one thing I know for sure is medical science doesn't cure anything! So when anyone suddenly claims to be able to cure life long problems I have, I know they're lying!

  18. this is a comedy for me lol, a 1st-year student of biology would know this, means peoples score in training is low on health in the public and need to be even informed better by the government, punish people ho give disinformation for there profit !

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