DL Hughley: My Home Got Appraised for Less Because of My Black Family Photos (Part 6)

Watch Part 5: Part 1: ————————- DL Hughley and Vlad talked about real estate and when he tried to sell his …


  1. Yo if you look at any show that sells homes they tell you to take your pictures down because you want buyers to see themselves in home. Idk what to think about this. Im a minority and have sold and bought homes

  2. Vlad I bet you don’t interview the Russian government. what y’all got going on? Since you got us blacks talking about ourselves in capitalist society with our systematic oppression towards darker pigment people.

  3. Oh shit!!! DL! You are the only celebrity that I actually follow and respect that mentioned Lynwood, CA. The 90262. I was born and raised in Lynwood. My Mom, R.I.P., and my Dad is still in Lynwood “To Dis Day!!!” (Crackle in voice!) Man, I sooooo appreciate the fact that you even mentioned Lynwood. Thank you, Brother!

  4. Did the appraisal report say that your home was appraised at a lower level because you are black? Maybe the additions, pool and other things you added were over improvements for the area that offered little contributory value.

  5. I love DL and even some of his views, but I call BS on his home owner story and his view in this regard in today’s standards. I worked in banking for years and this was never the case when it came to lending and also home valuation. This just fits a narrative he wants to stand by.

  6. As a PA Certified Residential Real Estate Appraiser I can say this, if your house/you were singled out because of race that act is 100% wrong and unethical. Now with that being said, lenders typically require that if any personal/family photos are in the appraisal pictures (taken by the appraiser) it is required they be blurred or cropped out. This is done for privacy and possibly Fair Housing Regulations.
    The market value of whatever house is being appraised is determined by the comparable sales in the same or similar market and not by who is living there. As an appraiser I have been in thousands of houses and I really do not care who is living there, and I'm willing to bet the overwhelming vast majority appraisers feel the same way.
    If you were discriminated against it's 100% wrong but I'm feeling like there may be more to the story and you may have had an unrealistic view of your homes market value

  7. I hear and understand the point, but your failing to recognize the fact that you bought and own a home. There are WHITE PEOPLE who have multiple full time jobs making 18 dollars an hour and will NEVER BE ABLE TO AFFORD THEIR OWN HOME. I'm so tired of hearing that if your a caucasian person that you MAGICALLY have it better than BLACK, HISPANIC, ECT… The system is literally designed to keep persons who come from a working class family that can WORK their entire life and have ZERO SAVINGS, NO NEW 40,000 DOLLAR CAR, COLLEGE MONEY FOR EVEN 1 CHILD. The system is fraudulent and designed that way to keep rich people rich and working class people, ALL RACES poor.

  8. Actually, the Bush family only called the Los Angeles County suburb home for six short months in 1949 and 1950. George H. W. Bush, the future 41st president of the United States, was on a temporary assignment to California for Dresser Industries, selling oil drilling bits for a Dresser subsidiary named Security Engineering Company. His son and the future 43rd president was only three years old at the time. They lived in a now-demolished apartment complex at 624 S. Santa Fe Avenue-according to Gizmodo.

  9. I noticed over 20+ years ago that many white Americans, even in deep Southern areas accept homosexuality quicker than Black and more so now Brown people within their community, on their TV stations, or their church.
    To this day I just SMH.

  10. I’m born, raised and still live in East Oakland, and it’s no longer the Oakland it was in the 90s. 1200 sq foot homes cost half a million due to gentrification aka white folks moving in and taking over. It’s sad to see. My parents still live in their home in East Oakland since 1976 and real estate agents harass them often hoping they’ll sell my childhood home so some white family can move in. My daddy tosses all of their mail and gets them off of the phone quickly. We were also smart enough to put the house in a trust because you best believe, as soon as my parents close their eyes, realtors will be on that house like vultures.

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