1. Calcium Hypochlorite. I use it at work to kill parasites and bacteria. It also kills mold and mildew. I use it on the lawn to kill any parasites that have seeped into the soil. It's completely harmless to plants. It's basically pool shock, or the pellets they put in the well to kill bacteria. The company "Wysi Wash" makes a pellet that you dissolve in a spray bottle. It will kill powdery mildew on your plant, on your equipment, in your environment, during mid grow or in flower, without harming the plant and it wont come back. All you have to do is spray it on and let it dry. Once it has evaporated the only thing it leaves behind is calcium. and it's cheap AF.

  2. I did not get to my question,, I just watched a video where you mentioned a 150 watt hps bulb? I did not know hps came in anything
    smaller than 600 watt? my question is could I inhance suger production or over all plant penitration if I asseserize the perfect sun or
    the viparspectra with a few of those little twist on house lamp style 150 watt hps bulb's placed in certain locations of the tent ?

  3. hey Neil, I'm killing it with one of your Perfect sun Goliaths. It is in a sealed 5 x 9 tent with a similar sized Viparspectra 1200w Led (uses 530 watts). Yours is doing the better job. I have a dehumidifier, A/C and bottled CO2. I have lowered the Goliath down to about 18 inches above the horizontal canopy and am not experiencing any burning or yellowing or other signs of stress. Is 18 inches too close? How long before harvest do you start to flush. I am growing in cloth bags with a combo of pro mix and coco. I have read that CO2 addition doesn't help for the last 3 weeks or so but being that I have a closed system I have the CO2 now turned back to around 600 ppm. Love your videos, keep them com'n. Love'n the Goliath!

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