Boosie Talks Suffering Bad Withdrawals Trying to Quit Lean (Flashback)

In this VladTV flashback from 2017, Boosie spoke on the struggles he faced when he quit lean. Boosie broke down how lean is actually a form of heroin, and …


  1. Boosie know he ain’t start it, he means around the br area, he supplied it and shit, y’all talkin bout world wide, 😂💀 y’all ain’t gone never know who really started it, all these drugs been around

  2. all of yall sayin he aint start it yall takin him out of context cuz really if you go back he didnt start it but he was probably the first rapper i actually see put it out their too where he wasnt ashamed of it like he was on the gangsta muzik dvd outside with big 2 liters full of sprite and syrup just havin it out in the open and shit and then after that you saw lil wayne always had a double cup in his hand and so on and so forth so he kinda was one of the first artists to really just be seen with it before that all you heard about it was in lyrics i dont ever remember pimp or bun b just out in the open with it but they'd rap about it

  3. Wow!!!! 😮 Thts scary!!! One of my former coworker’s were sipping instead of taking it according to doctor’s orders. She was so sick at wrk, we all thought she was having a stroke. Her words were slurred and she was mispronouncing words. Her parents picked her up to take her to see her doctor; and he told her tht she could’ve gone into cardiac arrest!!! She said she was sipping instead of measuring it. She had a cold or bronchitis or something!!! Thts like playing rush and roulette!!!! #dangerous

  4. Okay let me address the elephant in the room… coming from a person formerly addicted to ex pills, Lil Boosie business codeine so much he partakes in several other drugs to try to relive is codeine days when he was 17.

  5. You not having codeine is a junkie needing his fix it is physical withdrawals its not a mental thing these prescriptions will kill you I know 60 year old crackhead that look healthier than a 25yr old on lean and pills rns

  6. Alcohol bad enough. I never fucked with lean and quit fucking with pills after my teens. I drink like a fish but it's not as bad for the body as long as you can control it.

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