1. I look for Aurora to make more than one partnership with BIG MONEY when the time comes , albeit keeping control of their company. Maybe a Coke/Pepsi or another for a CBD drink , and maybe a large tobacco BTI or another for further expansion and aquiring ability. I'm telling you these guys are smart and not looking to sell out . The Aphria buyout may not seem so hot if Quissiccential and Hindenburg prove half of what they claim , as it looks they will. Lawsuits may sink that marriage , if not , it will punish the combined company for years to come. Aurora is well positioned in Europe , Mexico , Netherlands and Central America. And American hemp will also help Aurora and if we get off our ass as a nation and let states decide , Aurora will quadruple in the next few years , if not be a 10 bagger in 5 to 7 years.

  2. Aurora has already secured Mexico by buying Farmaceia Mexico the only company in the country to have a license to sell Medical marijuana to Doctors , pharmacies and hospital. Mexico is a much larger market than Canada. Aurora has facilities to produce the highest grade medical grade marij. In the world and at a much higher rate than anyone in the world. The first bad weather or blite disease and or insect invasion , Aurora will definitely become the dominant player in the world early on. I'm certain , and according to the CEO many suitors have contacted Aurora about partnership of various avenues . Buy as Terry said , it's way to early in the game to give controlling interest or potential by future stock purchases giving controlling interest in their company just yet. The Isralies will be formidable competition if not future partners. The Aurora leadership is second to none as proven in their quality , quality , quality position they have taken as well as the vast amount out production they will soon produce. They have taken a longer term approach by strategic a accusations compared to Canaopy , all the while by diluting their stock by such accusations and partnerships , the stock has suffered short term but the brilliance by not taking on massive debt. Aurora will be around for some time . Buy today , put monthly money into the stock like a savings account no matter news or price , and thank me in a couple of years. We will all look back and say I remember when I could have bought it in the 5's. Aurora is Amazon , Canopy is America Online . If u remember those days.

  3. What makes you think they would be in trouble, are you so scared of The Israelis, why because they are owners of many businesses in our country? I think it would be a positive thing, perhaps it would influence our federal government to legalize Cannabis. In the long run it would bring a great deal of tax money to our country. Just like alcohol, it’s a profitable tax money for the country. While they are at it, prostitution should also be considered. It’s another non stoppable issue, mind as well make it legal and prevent health problems.

  4. Good, here's a thought, our government and Israel joined at the hip, so I thank so Israel will have more favor FDA , then Canada. Good thought ok or not good, ps they know how to make money ,and always around it, so of course lots and lots of money in cbd,

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