1. if she was wrong about what an agnostic and atheist is then the old man isn't wrong for pointing that out. Now society does want to be told they are wrong even if they are

  2. I believe religion proves how powerful the human brain is- to fully devote yourself to something with no facts or evidence. We use facts and evidence to calculate or create conclusions on most things in life, until it comes to religion. But as i was raised "Christianity is not a religion. It is a relationship with God." I would think every religion has something to seperate itself from the term religion, but then again religion doesn't exist. It is a human term, probably created by an atheist to classify similar traits of people who belive in a spiritual realm. I don't like terms that classify and divide within humanity. An apple is an apple and an orange is an orange, but a human is a Christian, muslim, lgbt, ugly, short, tall, hindu etc.

  3. The woman with the green shirt was way too sensitive
    There was one time when the young man was trying to comprehend what she was saying and she was like no no no don’t try to-
    He was just trying to comprehend her

  4. I absolutely despise the old man. Why go on a show if you don't even want to listen to your opponent or at least show some kind of respect instead of insulting them. You don't have to agree with them just don't be a cunt

  5. I've been an atheist for 15 years. I make a point of keeping religious people out of my inner circle so that I never have to get into these kinds of time-sucking debates. Religion isn't rooted in logic, it's rooted in faith, therefore it's not something that can be rationally debated.

  6. Why is the old guy tryna force religion on them like me myself i’m a christian and that is not how we should act we should show love and express our faith not stating out the facts nd dat 🤭🤭

  7. Everyone is mad at the elder man but the moderator should Jane clarified. The document
    Difference between athiest and agnostic.
    Whether you like his delivery or not (I didn't) he's correct and it was a fact.

  8. As a little bit of a believer of God, I won't argue with athiest. Infact I kind of wish that I wasn't a believer of God because I'm a homosexual who wishes to get married to another man but I still kind of believe that I'll go to hell if I do. I wish that I believed that athiest are right about God not being real so I could make my dream come true. Christianity just doesn't seem fair at all.

  9. It seems to me alot of atheists dont have an issue with God or christianity itself, but have a serious issue with the spiritual leaders or the church. The church doesnt always represent gods intentions, and a true Christian could never say someone is going to hell.

  10. the only Christian (representing the Biblical beliefs) here was the old guy, and even tho I totally agree with him, still I have to admit he was little rude, but also I know that the truth hurts, just read the Bible (or the New Testament) and you would feel the same way, in other words, your problem is not his impoliteness, but the ignorance of the convicting truth of the Bible, Jesus was the meekest person that ever lived and still He made all people pissed off, not because of His charitable and miraculous works that helped everyone else around Him, but because of His preaching, they crucified Him!

  11. coming from a place of strong belief, I can personally say that you can’t successfully teach the news of the gospel and spread love by throwing a tantrum whenever an atheist breathes. we are meant to live in the image of Christ, and this old man is showing so much disrespect and anger that is so hypocritical.

  12. Yow truth hurts reallly, but the thing is, jeremy should have told it with love, nevertheless I thinkk christians today are afraid of voicing out what’s the truth because of how the world perceives it. We are not perfect and I acknowledge that tooo

    Peaceeee ✌🏻

  13. I know his approach was wrong but wasnt he correct as far as stating she was agnostic? I though Athiesm do not believe in God or a higher power and Agnostics fo believe in a higher power? She clearly stated she believed in a higher power.
    Correct me if im wrong though.
    He handled himself wrong. Im a christian and do listen to others beliefs and i dont judge people. I respect others. Everyone has a story.

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