1. Have you done Pure pulls cartrage or refill pen and cart review . 5 cart fell apart on me already . Oil keeps getting burned and cart literally melted off the pen “ battery” at the contact point and some white ribbon supposed to be wrapped around some area on the cart came off. Also it looks like oil keeps getting hardened to side if glass cart. This is continuous issue I been having company just sends replacement for @ inconvenience “ in plain letter envelope on such touchy pen already. That just said their pen or cartrage I received is faulty but come on this is 5th one already same issue AND bc there’s no button on this pure pulls Cannabis pen they heat a lot t to touch … could it be issue with faulty wik or over heating or actually carts I’m so sick of these but I don’t wanna waste my oil bc saturation ribbon is probably what it was that was rolled around cartrage right above the point where it screws into the pen do issue is with cartrage coming apart …. I don’t get anatomy of this pen to fix it but it’s done and oil is wasted ….

  2. bro pls try briterlabs,its pure potent taste in on spot,thats all i somke britelabs.secret garden,ive try like 23 diffrient strains from diffrient brands,britelabs was better that all d obove.

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