1. What a Lil fucking spoiled brat cries when things don't go her way. Fucking talk to me like that id slap that Lil trashy slut real rude to her fans she does care for Noone but herself Lil cunt.

  2. Eww this bitch needs a dose of humility..Take her ass to a third world country and drop her off by herself for a couple months…smh

    Edit: whats even more cringy is the paparazzi that shoved her mom to the side and tried to antagonize the situation to get some good footage…

    Like what fucking world do we live in… This type of shit is so dumb 😂😂

  3. Just because someone is titled "famous" people think those people have to act a certain way. They shouldent talk back. They always have to wave and smile. Well some famous people "Cough" Justin Beaver "cough" really should consider being more polite. But most of those "outrage" is just a way of saying "Leave me alone, i am a human being" Don't trow hate because they want to be treated equal..

  4. born this way&into this, for all morning sun, sun sun till next generation of talent every detail$ count, drop da magik coast to coast we're flying up when the alarm goes…lets remember we love…

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