5 Effective Ways to Increase Plant Yields

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  1. Have a few ep. to catch up on so got the stash out and now a Toke shout out @fromseedtostoned and Anna. Hope you all had a joyful Christmas and hope your new year brings great things and yet another awesome vid.
    Thanks again and Peace w/ Love

  2. I"m really lost on what light to buy. my funds are limited as I jump into home growing. I know i'll buy a cheap amazon light i'm just nervous about the yield i'll get from a 600w Meizhi. You're using an obviously far superior light but I know you have your cheap tent going. I'm curious what your opinion on those cheap lights. The summer time I will grow outside which i'm not concerned about I have great sunlight. But I just want to be able to grow good weed for less then what it costs to buy legally.

  3. I run close to same watts for just one plant you have in the budget grow. You gotta make sure all tops are getting at least 50,000 lux no more than 75,000 lux in flower. This light is best suited for 1 plant. Aloud 4 plants here gotta make each one count.

  4. Man oh man! My head is about to explode with information from you and a couple others. For a brand new grower and having OCD, it’s overwhelming lol. Quick question: what are your thoughts on training plants to grow in a circle then up?

  5. If you had two kind led xl600 lights what size room would you recommend I was thinking 6×8 but was not sure this is my first grow and was also wondering how many autos would you put under this I’m limited to 12 but I’m unsure if I should go with less plants or stick with 12??? Was also wondering what size room you would recommend for 3 kind led xl600 lights.. the size room is the biggest issue for me since I have to build the room before I can get started on anything else so once I can figure that out I’m good to go

  6. You're vids are great. I think Mr. Canuck, Pigeons and yourself have gotten me where I am today, also Potsquatch has good info but I usually find myself laughing to hard to focus. All the info you guys share is greatly appreciated. Keep up the good work!

  7. To scrog correctly* you should be topping your plant and introducing a net which should be 8-10" from top of container, you should also be trying to fill up the net as much as possible try this out and I guarantee your yields will increase.

  8. Thanks again for all the videos bud. You really are doing a service to the community by putting out these instructional videos. I've learned so much from them, and I will be using them when Texas turns green.

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