Weed: Is It Time For YOU to INHALE? HighWire Episode 54

Multistreaming with The New Cold War?; Top Health Writer J.B. Handley Censored!; Weed: is it Time for YOU to Inhale? Find out today on …


  1. Please do a show on Kratom. It is an incredible leaf and is helping a lot of people, it has kept my wife flare up free for four years from Multiple Sclerosis and kept me sober for 5 years from heroin. They are trying to make it illegal now as hard as they can but people are pushing back, we need all the help we can get.

  2. As always I agree with you on this Russian paranoia. Spot on about Syria. Follow Treka on YouTube and Facebook. He’s a comedian and truther living in Damascus. You will like him.

  3. Del, before you recommend smoking Marujuana, please watch this video.
    START about 25 minutes and watch until at least 35 minutes. Several SPECT scans demonstrate that blood flow is clearly lessened as a result of smoking it.

  4. Cannabis can also cause drug induced psychosis for certain individuals with epigenetic factors. It can ruin your life and send you into extreme mania or depression. Yes, just weed.
    Use with caution if you or any family members have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder.
    I haven’t watched this whole video yet and I’m very happy that it works for some!!
    I want people to know that nothing is a cure for all.
    Everyone must understand that one mans medicine can be another mans poison.
    The GAPS Diet has helped many people with autism! Also check out Protandim! It’s an herbal supplement that’s used to lower oxidative stress!
    PS Del is my hero!!! His show is amazing and this is one man that truly cares about humanity!!!!!

  5. Since this video was published I think Trump has made it clear he will not pursue the aggressive anti-pot stance advocated by AG Sessions. I think Trump is listening to the people wanting to use CBD and other cannabis products for medical reasons.

  6. "We the people" (or "We the parents") first became the media, now we are becoming the scientists, too. It's (hopefully) over for the "bad guys". Always ready to speak the truth, whatever may come!

  7. I can't truly believe MSM is as stupid as they appear to be. Whenever Russia was raised as a threat I completely felt like they were attempting to resurrect a Cold War bogeyman. I literally start laughing when the words "Russia collusion" are mentioned.

  8. Great job Del. Can you do a show on Fluoride? The ld50 of rats (lethal dose which kills 50% of test subjects) is 52 mg/kg body weight or 23 mg/pound. It takes 520mg to kill a 22pound rat. They claim it lowers cavities , but at higher doses, it causes dental fluorosis. Its going to be really intesting.

  9. The Democrats cooked up the Russia distraction to excuse losing to Trump. Its in the public domain, in the Podesta emails that their strategy at the DNC was blame Putin. Corporate dems are in the pockets of big business and particularly the arms dealers. Yes they are crazy enough to risk WW3 and the corporate media stenographers are all too willing to amplify the propaganda. War is big business or a "racket" as Smedley Butler said.

  10. Del, only so many hours in the day…otherwise I’d listen to you all the time. But alas I cannot…please don’t give up the ship.i am thinking about inhaling…..however, I’ve never even smoked a cigarette.

  11. It wasn't discovered it was used for many thousands of years. it's medicine that was stolen from us and they used the word marijuana to steal it. If they had of called it Cannabis Dr.'s would have balked because they knew it as mesdicine.

  12. Another fantastic show Del & team! It is beyond criminal that the Gov't has suppressed this plants medical abilities for all these decades!

    I'd like them to look at the children & adults in the video that you showed & then look these qualified medical pioneers in the eyes's & then have them all them HOW, can you see with your own eyes's at how these children & adults are being significantly helped, & them outright DENY them this help! HOW can you look at yourselves in the mirror & sleep soundly at night!? H-O-W⁉️ It's UNCONSCIONABLE‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️

  13. If marijuana is used for RECREATIONAL USE… I am TOTALLY 100% Against it. We don't need DUMBED DOWN CHEECH and CHONG people everywhere making our country look STUPID and MORE DANGEROUS . It would cause even MORE EVIL CORRUPTION …….. But if certain components can be taken out of Marijuana to help a person quit shaking or quit having a Seizure……. Yes it should be used.

  14. Question……..why do you start your videos with pure silence and only showing the Highwire Logo for 2 minutes ?….. Kind of strange to me. I would recommend shortening it to 10 seconds…… KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK ON SHARING THE TRUTH !!!!

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