1. Merry Christmas and thank you for finally doing Rosetta Stoned, but to fully experience this song you NEED the lyrics!! They really help tie things together. Plus you don’t listen to this song, you experience it. Looking forward to a lyrics version. I’ve listened to this countless times and it still blows me away every time.

  2. I definitely think you need to listen to this one with the lyrics. Not only is the music very complex, but so are the lyrics. There is a story being told that can I was able to truly appreciate by listening with lyrics. After I did that, every time I listen to this song I appreciate it even more. Keep up the good vids.

  3. Tool is working on a new album if you haven't heard, Ive been a fan since 10 years old and im 21 now, long time. thats how long ive waited patiently for the general pop to understand Tool and be enlightened. My wait is finally over, now Rush is working on a new album and this is the best decade since pink floyd was still swimming around.

  4. This song is about a hypothetical situation where friends are out drinking and tripping acid in the desert by area 51 and one of the gets abducted by the aliens.
    During his abuduction, he is told how the world is going to end.
    But lo, he cant remember it to tell the world about the apocalypse. Should write it down.
    Too many drugs and too many imaginations.
    This song is beautiful. I hope you give it another go with the lyrics, because they are blatant. No hidden meanings.

  5. Definitely review again with lyrics!
    Also look up Danny Carey's (drummer) description of how the song is inspired by several accounts of multiple people woven into the singular character named "X" !! Then, that'll help you put the song into context when going back to the lyrics!! Love ya man!

  6. We saw a perfect circle just before Christmas , but failed to get tickets for Tools 2019 European tool due to the concert we wanted to go to selling out in a few seconds , be at least I have seen them live , and they are monster live , have a good new year. You may want to dip your try dipping your toe into the waters that influenced tool with Bands like Swan's or King Crimson another band from the the same era as Pink Floyd but a little more testing to the ear. For something more current try Listening to Anna , Von Hausswolff from Sweden she has a killer band and some good tunes for a still alt underground rock band.

  7. Even though you're right about it being all over the place (due to all of the transitions) but when you listen more you can pick up how they use many of the same rhythms for a lot of the parts.

  8. as someone who's loved Tool for so many years, i absolutely love seeing you fall in love with Tool as a new fan. 100% every tool song you do should be with lyrics, as maynard is one of the most poetic and personal lyricists i've ever heard. Also the sound quality on this one was laptop sound, whereas a lot of your videos have the CD quality. Never go with laptop sound, it much more enjoyable for us ^_^ cheers bro, ill keep enjoying Tool with you.

  9. I'll break it down Barney style… The narrator of the song, is thinking about the concept of a "chosen one," while under the influence of psychotropic drugs in the middle of the Nevada desert. As the drugs kick in, he has the perception of being abducted by a highly advanced alien species, who go on to inform him that he IS the "Chosen One," and must tell the people of Earth their fate. However, the fuck-up he is ("they chose me, and I didn't even graduate from fuckin' high school,") forgot to bring a pen and write down the message. Coming to in a hospital, he tells the doctor his story, mentioning that he's afraid he may never come down from the drug trip, and everyone seems to sound like the adults in the Charles M Schulz comic series "Peanuts."

  10. I haven't even finished this whole video but the fact that you linked Pink Floyd and Tool tells me that you are connecting to the essence of music that transcends genre. Those two bands are miles apart in style but evoke the same emotions. Much respect!

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