1. I have a son (14yo) whom is on the spectrum, and has been on CBD Oil for nearly a year now. He was initially prescribed Vyvanse at the age of five, and shortly after – the dosage was moved up to 70mg. I am proud to say that after many hours of research I found a company that has a true "Full Spectrum" CBD oil that is also GMP certified. My son is now doing extremely well in school and social situations…he even has a girlfriend LOL…… I disagree with the lady panelist for even mentioning a tincture (which is the isolation of CBD only) of CBD as this method is saturated in alcohol for an extended period of time which leaves an unhealthy residue behind. I have a video posted here on YouTube regarding this along with a warning for Fake and Synthetic CBD and what to look for when purchasing CBD products. FYI – Amazon and e-Bay does NOT sell high quality CBD products to include Charlotte's Web brand…READ YOUR LABELS!!!

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