Stocks to WATCH – December 26, 2018 – RICH TV LIVE

Stocks to WATCH – December 26, 2018 – RICH TV LIVE Rich TV is dedicated to creating educational/entertaining content featuring: cannabis stocks, …


  1. Oh my God Rich Next Green Wave is a stock i was buying latter today and it opened at 20 some cents and its up over 204 % to 70 cents what a fucking massive uptrend ! im upset i should have did it right away this morning like i was going to ! im going to let it come down and jump in still. i have mentioned them to you a few times Rich

  2. Hey Rich check this beverage company out. Alkaline water co. Nasdaq WTER same on CVE rumour has it Pepsi is sniffing around apparently ceo was doing an interview and a Pepsi product was sitting on the desk. Coincidence ?

  3. It's not going up very much but still keep direct view holding on your watchlist it's in an amazing space security and surveillance could you imagine if they got a contract with border security ticker symbol d i r v

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