S8:E5 Dr Krippling Super Skunk autoflower cannabis grow. flush start

Day 80 of super skunk, I started fresh water today, and looking to harvest between Christmas and New Year. A brief talk on VPD, with slide show at the end, …


  1. How du you get those plants so extremly big and bulky? Do you do any Kind of low stress training or topping? Because the plant looks so natural?? Your work is insane, I wish my plants would drop such an huge yield…

  2. Get an ink bird humidistat humidity controller. Sold on Amazon and eBay. Set it for 50% humidity. It will maintain even humidity by turning your humidifier &-or dehumidifier on and off as needed. Plus it will give you a constant reading of the humidity in your tent without having to open the tent and look inside. They also have temperature controllers which can operate cooling fans and or heat sources. They go for under $40 each. Good luck & Merry Stony X-mas

  3. thats a monster fucking auto. just a tip try and catch the leaves that brown before they get to your bud as they could cause rot even with good air flow. i am going to be getting some of Dr.Krippling genetics. during the last few weeks of flower the lower you can get the humidity the better. this will cause the plant to release more defense hormones that produce more resin. also during those last few weeks the colder temps wont hurt but in lot of cases help with resin production. Ken Estes the creator of GDP Grand Daddy Purple suggest to lower the temps into the low 50s to help with color and resin production. The last few weeks your buds have usually finished growing so the lower temps wont hurt your bud growth. I would love to see you wrestle with 4 monster that size in that tent. Anyone would have their hands full with a tent like that. i hope you share the final dry results on her

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