1. Good job, you can tell the wall is going to look aewsome when fully wire brushed. I've never been able to get my head around why people attach this plant to a wall, it attracts all sorts of Shi* as well.

  2. The good thing about Ivy is, that it helps to cool down the walls in summer time. When the leaves heat up it creates kind of a chimney-effect/airflow underneath the green surface and the evaporation of water chills it down even more.
    Also it provides a lot of nesting space for a variety of birds an when it flowers in the end of summer, it gives food for a lot of insects, like bees, wasps, etc which are very helpful in your garden (pollination and pest-predation) and some birds eat and need the berries in winter time.
    So think carefully, before removing it 🙂

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