1. Trump has never once campaigned for hemp, said one word in favor of hemp, done anything ever to promote hemp, or twisted arms to push for a hemp bill to be passed and brought to his desk for him to sign. What Trump did was sign an 800 page farm bill with thousands of items in it that he hasn't read and probably has no idea that hemp language was included in the farm bill that was put in front of him. Tens of thousands of American activists fought for legal hemp for decades and some congressman and senators put hemp in the farm bill. Let's give the credit where it is due to all the activists who made people aware about hemp and fought for it to be legal and the congressman and senators who put it in the bill and keep Trump's role in perspective. Trump didn't do anything to actively oppose or block hemp but he didn't legalize it either and he probably didn't even know it was in the bill that they put in front of him and he signed.

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