Pre AT2019 Thru Hike – Planning, Job, Budget

There are a ton of things to do when planning a thru hike. Am I quitting my job? How am I affording this hike? What’s happening with my house and pets?


  1. Never tell an employer that you are exploring other options unless your case to re-interview and get your job back is a lock. And even then, don't do it. Just thank them for the opportunity that you've had, that you're flattered that they would want to re-interview you after the trip and tell them you are looking forward to seeing them after the trip. I have seen too many bridges burnt to a crisp with last moment flippant remarks on the way out the door. Leave every option open. And looking forward to following your hike!

  2. You have brought up a lot of stuff that a person does not always think about. This is great information. I am really looking forward to your thruhike. May even see you out there, depending on my own section hiking plans.

  3. Hey, I'm from your area (I live along the NCT in PA). I think this is great that you're able to do this and wish you the best of luck, I would love to be able to do this but unfortunately medically I cant right now. I can only get out for a day or so in reasonable weather for now. Just curious, what TYPE of work do you do?

  4. Youtube money question: When I'm watching your videos, do you get paid more if I don't skip the advertisement after the first five seconds? Also, what if I actually click on the link for the advertisement? Do you get even more money because it registers a "hit" coming from your channel?

    I would be willing to not skip ahead or click on the ad if you're getting an extra few cents or an extra dollar or something.

  5. You got this, and we'll be following along. I'll shoot you an e-mail in case you need any help in on the Connecticut stretch.

    As far as "getting in shape", that's obviously a good idea. But I've seen so many people vlogging their AT adventure who started out clueless and out of shape. At your age, it will probably be more of a mental challenge as opposed to a physical challenge.

    Plus worst thing that could happen is you get eaten by a bear. No worries.

  6. July re-interview? Isn't that going to put a lot of pressure on you to keep hiking fast? I'm not a thru-hiker so take this with a grain of salt, but I'd think it would be best to have no deadline. That way you can stop and enjoy stuff (e.g., towns, hiking with new, slower friends, etc.) and also have time to recover if a medical issue pops up (e.g., a bad knee that needs a week of rest). It would suck to have to end your trip without completing the AT because of a hard, self-imposed deadline.

    (Sorry for the negative tone. I'm sure you've thought all of this through and came up with what works best for you. I guess I'm really just curious about how you made the decision to be done in July.)

  7. that basement seems pretty finished/nice to be flooding once a year. do you get a new couch? edit; as a mechanic/tech of 15 years thats pretty much the best thing you can do for your ride while your gone.

  8. wow the dog thing is unbelievable. WORDS OF ADVICE PEOPLE never buy a new significant other a pet for a gift. especially a dog, not fair to the dog at all i bet he (the dog) could be much happier. although i know this one guy who buys his new gf a dog to like try and lock her down, dont do that its a bad idea, he is stuck with this miserable girl because of it. give that dog back and dont look back jason. i bet it was that crazy Lindsey girl. or maybe is shes real crazy she spells it lyndzee ( i had one like that one time}

  9. Yeah training is important but honestly the mountains will train you during the trip. I wouldn`t worry to much about the whole "getting in shape" thing as much as the other important things. IMO of course. Happy hiking Jason.

  10. I'm now starting to get excited for your AT adventure since Gary finished his videos. You did a great job with this pre thru hike video! 👍 You will need to mention my name sometime in one of your AT videos. I'll see it since you know that I'll be watching.😃 One last thing I started a new facebook closed group called Backpacking YouTube Channels Group. The group is open to the public. Spiguyver, OutLan, Backcountry Exposure, and some others are in the group so far. Only time will tell how well it works out. I did post a pic of you with the LiteAF pack and a link for his packs.

  11. Frozen, I am so excited for you and your thru hike! I just wanted to say thank you for sharing this kind of information. I feel like it an aspect of thru-hiking that isn't really shared. I am looking forward to future videos, good luck!

  12. Thank you for sharing great info and insight on everything that goes into planning an AT adventure.   I work in health care and if you do purchase health insurance, ask the rep exactly what it covers…ie…copays….  ED vs urgent care, inpt vs obs stays in hospitals, medication coverage if you have to stay in observation at a hospital, iv antibiotics, diagnostic test copays…just to name a few.   Like hiking, the more knowledgeable and prepare you are, the better the experience will be.

  13. So excited for you to go on the adventure of a lifetime. I wish I could go right now, but I can’t swing it for various reasons. I will be living vicariously through you. I’d like to send you a box of goodies while you’re on the trail. Homemade cookies can be a great bartering tool in the woods 😉. Looking forward to what you do in 2019. Cheers.

  14. Insurance is a big one I didn’t really think about. Injuries are usually what takes people off the trail. Curious to see how you go about that one

  15. Thanks for sharing the mental and practical side of this. Watching people’s videos, it’s hard to picture how someone transitions from normal weekend backpacker to full through hiker.

  16. Jordan and I thought about hiking the AT in 2019. Unfortunately now it’s a little too late to decide. Like Tim said above, we might try and connect with you on the trail at some point.

  17. Knowing you probably will have a job to come back to has to take some pressure off you and you then have the luxury of exploring other options. I forgot to order Amazon through you but will tape the link to my computer because I hate to shop and Amazon and I have a close relationship. I hope Gary can come along a few weeks and am excited for you to start. And I would not go without some form of insurance. I am a health care provider and know the cost.

  18. Honestly I would say flip a coin, yet I have more than you to wager. Screw it if you do not have a ring, then go for it. Live it for the many that have rings, with "pets" and are too scared to just let go and live life. LIVE LIFE ….. LIVE L I F E…. Get it, L I V E L I F E, please do it for the rest of us…… PLEASE

  19. Re: insurance – if your company offers Cobra, you should get it even though it is expensive. Insurance through the government won't cover much, will have lots of copays, and still be expensive, but it keeps people with assets from going bankrupt if they get cancer, for example. I had a policy in Virginia that was supposed to cover 90% of a hospital stay and I still ended up paying $5,000 out of pocket for a few days stay. The next year you couldn't even buy a policy in Virginia that covered 90%. Eighty percent was the best offered. So glad I am past that now. Young people say nothing will happen to me, but no one can predict the future.

  20. If u got any questions about the basement getting wet Jason I'm an expert in that field. First thing I'll tell you is that there is a shitload of scam artists in that field. If you ever have any questions let me know

  21. Jason! I can't wait til you get back up this way on your hike. When you hit the Lehigh Valley, I gotta spoil the shit out of you with rides, beers, and food! I'm super psyched to see you get through this. Personally, i've gone back and forth this year on gaining and losing weight and i've been far too lazy to get out on the trail much. Hopefully seeing more of your videos helps me get back into it.

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