Pot Noodle: Original Curry Review

This is a taste test/review of the Original Curry flavor Pot Noodle. This was mailed to me from Dr. J in the UK. Music Credit: “Cut and Run” Kevin MacLeod …


  1. When my girlfriend was alive she was really into anime and they ate a lot of noodles in them so she always had a craving for them.Β  She got me hooked on some of the better quality noodles-$1 a pack as opposed to 25 cents.Β  So I really love that you do a lot of these for Lunchtime Reviews.Β  They are quick to make and before the store I worked at closed-I'd say that maybe 50% of the meals made in the breakroom microwave were Ramen and these noodle cups.Β Β  Not a fan of curry at all-so this would beΒ a pass.Β  Thank you again Kevin.

  2. Always makes me want a pot noodle watching these videos. They are 50p in asda (walmart) which is maybe about 65 cents. Super cheap. We generally have kettles in the UK to make these more of a convenience snack but presumably you had to boil in a pan which took longer

  3. Yep we don't have curry noodles in Finland either (FIN,Europe). Mama noodles is the brand and some nissin yakisoba ones. Chicken+Shrimp+Beef or so…. and such, those are the flavours. chicken is the best/most popular

  4. Yummouhh… nooduhls… yep. Noodles. Ramen. Curry flava', flavour. !I LOVE CURRY! (flavour, chicken curry, etc, curry overall). Yep this is the UK noodle brand, mainstream popular brand. I know because my best friend lives in England.

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